15 Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign: Part 3

11. Build business alliances.

Social media is an opportunity to connect with other businesses and organizations. Take the time to follow related organizations on all of your platforms. If you make the effort to share, retweet and like other businesses’ posts, the other organizations will likely do the same for you.

Remember that even a single share on Facebook opens your page to an entirely new audience. Simply reaching out to other businesses can increase brand recognition and ultimately, sales.

12. Don’t entertain the trolls.

As you gain more followers, some people may post inappropriate comments. This can be a difficult situation. Above all, remember to be professional. Consider when it is right to respond and when it makes sense to delete comments. Do not let these followers overwhelm you as these types of interactions are bound to happen on social media.

Along with trolls, be sure to professionally handle issues with upset consumers. You may want to direct these followers to the customer service phone number or provide a link to a contact/feedback form. Remember that you are the online voice of the business and you want to maintain a positive image.

13. Be smart about connecting.

In a world of constant connectivity, it can be nearly impossible to step away from social media. Do not do this to yourself. Set aside the appropriate time to monitor your platforms and check in with the social media manager (if you decide to hire one.)

On the other hand, connecting your phone can be beneficial at times. When I managed social media for a non-profit, I loved that I could instantly tweet and share information on-the-go. However, I had to learn how to balance my time and not constantly check my phone. It’s all about moderation!

14. Social is for Sharing, Not Sales

Advertising, branding and all other aspects of marketing communications help to build sales. Social media is meant to build relationships. This is a chance for your business to connect with current and potential consumers. If you push your products or services too heavily, you might push away followers. Instead, focus on emotionally connecting with followers. For example, you may want to post an inspiring video or start a conversation. Relationships with consumers are worth the time because they lead to brand loyalty and sales.

15. Build out Your Profile

Platforms like Facebook have multiple sections to be filled with information. While this work is tedious and timely, a complete profile looks professional. Consumers will expect that your information is complete, especially if they are looking to find out more about the business or organization.


  • What are we?
  • What do we do?
  • How do we want to make our customers/clients feel?
  • What sets us apart from the competitors?

Show the personality of the business! Get creative with graphics and content. Your followers will notice.