2016: A Celebration of Teamwork, Clients, and Success

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Photo of Terrie Ard

Terrie Ard

Chief Operating Officer and President

As 2016 comes to a close and we prepare for another exciting year at Moore Communications Group, now is the perfect time to pause and appreciate our shared success.

This has been a phenomenal year for MCG and our clients. Every day, we’re delivering value and contributing to the greater good of our community. We are a company with heart. We care about each other and about the people whose lives our work impacts.

I want to share our progress as we look toward 2017. One of the best ways to do this is through the lens of the MCG manifesto, “The 10 Things We Know to be True.”

These are the values and beliefs at the core of our culture. They are so strongly embedded into what we do that they are on the wall in our office. These values shape our voice, foster innovation, help us attract talent and tell the world what it means to be part of MCG.

Here are “The 10 Things We Know to be True” and how we furthered these values in 2016:


You’re not our client, you’re our partner – we’re in this together.

Our clients’ success is our success. This has been a banner year of delivering great customer service, innovative solutions and big wins. We know when we do this at the highest level we attract new opportunities to work with even more clients. This proved true again in 2016.

Growth this year includes 27 new clients. A sampling of new clients includes eBags, ABLE United, Healogics and Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. We also continue to deliver in keeping clients happy, as evidenced by more than 55 expanded projects with existing clients. Thanks to the work of our team, we continue to achieve unprecedented client retention for our industry.


Success starts and ends with moving our clients’ target audience to action.

At a high level, target audiences can be quickly defined. But we go farther. This year we brought forward new technology and methods to achieve a more granular approach to identifying target audiences.

We know one-size-fits-all marketing does not work. We are focused on building personas, customer journey maps and other tools to understand clients’ audiences and how to reach them.


While rooted in research, we take leaps to create new paths to success.

Success requires being bold in the pursuit of innovation. We do this every day. Take, for example, a recent client, a healthcare entity who came to us to build exposure for an issue awareness month. A previous agency had attempted this campaign but was unable to secure traditional or digital media exposure. Our team embraced the challenge.

We blew past the client’s goal of one national media hit. We secured more than 560,700 impressions and coverage across 19 outlets and social media platforms.

This is just one example of how our team rises to every challenge.


There is more to a job candidate than what’s on paper – we believe great work can be found in DNA.

This was a big year for growing the MCG team. With offices in Tallahassee, West Palm Beach, New Orleans and Denver, we added 6 team members to our family.

When hiring, we look for what I call the “MCG DNA.” A potential team member’s passion must be evident from the first interaction. They come with a strong sense of critical thinking, commitment to our culture of customer service and a drive to succeed.

All of our team members have these traits in common, and we hone our skills daily. Together, we create a workplace that encourages team members to stay and grow as evidenced with our great retention—nearly half of our team has been with the firm for more than five years and 25% for more than 10 years.


The framework for building an experienced and dynamic team lives in the foundation of an extraordinarily awesome work atmosphere.

We took this literally in 2016, highlighted by renovations to our Tallahassee headquarters. When team members returned from the holidays in January, they stepped into a space that emphasizes our culture and contributes to doing our best work.

In addition, the South Florida team moved to a new location, getting closer to the downtown area of West Palm Beach in the Harvey Building. In Denver, we moved to the Denver Technology Center to accommodate our fast-growing team. It’s a beautiful space with inspiring mountain views.


We embrace a non-traditional approach to creating great work, fostering collaboration and innovation in everything we do.

We embrace individuality on all levels. We don’t put ourselves in a box, and we approach our clients with a focus on designing unique solutions for their unique goals.

This also means embracing the diversity of our team. This year, we continued with great benefits such as Flex Fridays and our work from anywhere model.

Florida Trend recognized these efforts and more, naming MCG a Best Place to Work, now for seven years in a row. Other key awards include:

  • The National Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award by The American Psychological Association
  • Ranking as a top-75 firm in the nation by O’Dwyer’s
  • Inc. magazine’s prestigious list of the top 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the nation for the fourth year

We love creating a culture for the 21st century workforce that gives team members more freedom to balance life and work and that contributes to our overall success.


Our team works in collaboration with each other, not on an island. We stop silos dead in their tracks.

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” One of the best examples here is our brainstorming sessions. When you hire MCG, you get the power of the entire team, pulling from diverse backgrounds, experience and skill sets.

This is one of the top values of having us as a partner. We conducted more than 300 brainstorming sessions on behalf of clients this year with our entire team for all-star collaboration.


We take pride in the work we do and the partners we work with.

Karen and I had the honor to attend a private dinner recently with Florida’s First Lady at the Governor’s mansion. There were about 30 attendees. I was inspired as these guests introduced themselves and shared their contributions such as building safe houses for victims of human trafficking, feeding the hungry and completing multiple tours of duty in the military. I couldn’t help but think about where I dedicate my time for volunteerism and the contributions from our entire team.

Our MCG Impact volunteerism program has collectively given more than 2,300 hours this year. As I reflected on this point further, I was reminded of our clients and the work we do together that changes our world for the better. Examples include Florida Prepaid giving children a future through education and ABLE United helping individuals with disabilities save money.

At MCG, we empower people who are using their voice to accomplish good in the world. Advocacy has always been an important part of what we do, but now, it is front and center through the publication of Karen’s book that was launched this year. “Behind the Red Door: Unlock Your Advocacy Influence and Success” highlights our nationally recognized strategies and positions advocacy to become an even bigger part of our work in the future.

It feels good to put our heads on the pillow at night knowing we are making positive change in people’s lives. With that, I say thank you to our clients.


We strive to develop great ideas.

I often say, “A brand is more than your logo, tagline, product, or service. It is the gut feeling someone has when they see or hear your company name.” It is our job at MCG to influence that gut feeling, and to do this, we have to break through the clutter.

On average, people receive more than 30,000 messages each day. Good ideas are not enough. We deliver great ideas.

This year, we have developed 25 new brand campaigns, and hundreds of great ideas. This is the how we dream big – and deliver big – for our clients.


Every brand has a story to tell – we ensure it is positively memorable.

We love building brands and telling our clients’ stories, but this year, we also did this for MCG. Our brand came to life in an even bigger way with the launch of our new web site. But what is even more memorable is how we engage with our clients each day.

Our holiday card included a quote from Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” MCG is about the customer experience.

Next year, we will celebrate our 25th year, a quarter of a century old. We are believers in happily ever after and look forward to the great opportunities ahead.

Now that you know about us and our “The 10 Things We Know to be True,” contact us so we can get to know you!