Advocacy in Action: Florida’s 2019 Legislative Session

Photo of Liz Shawen Underwood

Liz Shawen Underwood

Managing Director of Public Affairs

3,571 bills filed, 3,765 votes taken, 196 bills passed. These numbers only tell a fraction of the story of Florida’s 2019 legislative session.

What’s the rest of the story? We’re sharing other highlights from this year’s session—interesting data you won’t find anywhere else. And, we wrap with how our team leveraged awareness, education and motivation to drive legislative wins. Let’s see how it all stacks up:

Moore Advocacy in Action
  • Client priorities: 80+ bills or legislative priorities engaged
  • Winning through digital: 3.3 million impressions and 9,000+ ad clicks to raise awareness for just one key issue
  • The power of voices in advocacy: 500+ advocates engaged
  • Statewide media relations: 5,400 earned media stories and client media mentions

From increasing access to oral health and protecting homeowners’ property rights to ensuring public safety with the Florida Sheriffs Association, it’s all about understanding the audience. We must reach them at the right time, in the right place, to turn awareness into engagement. As metrics like 3.3 million digital impressions show, it starts with a lot of getting the word out!

Educating that many people is a big job. Our team was up for the challenge, which was made easier by relationships built over many years.

Engagement is our expertise. When we advocate for the issues, we motivate interest and action. We ask ourselves: Who does this issue affect, and how can we help tell their story?

Digital strategy plays a big role in the storytelling. At the nexus of advocacy and digital is impactful geo-targeting to reach elected officials, landing pages driving conversions, and real-time data so we can motivate audiences with timely calls-to-action.

Moore’s story is rooted in Tallahassee. We’ve been a constant at the state capitol during our 27 years in business. Today, we operate in four offices, spanning three time zones, with active advocacy and integrated campaign expertise in every location.

It takes an expert and connected team to create awareness, education and motivation on such a wide range of issues. Our team is always thinking ahead so we can help our clients shine during legislative session and throughout the year.

That's why we are rated the #1 PR firm for public affairs in Florida according to O’Dwyer’s 2018 rankings.

Now is the time to start planning. With Florida committee weeks starting in September, call us about the 2020 session, or your next marketing campaign. Contact us to learn more.