5 Hacks to Engage with Hispanics

I recently spoke at the Annual Florida Sterling Conference, about communicating with the Hispanic consumer. It is projected that by the end of 2015, Hispanic owned businesses will reach 4 million, with a estimated total annual revenue of $661 billion.

With so much revenue being generated by one culture, there is an increasing need for bilingual communicators to help bridge the gap between corporate America and the Hispanic consumer. So how can we effectively market to individuals who place such a large emphasis on their culture AND have the largest buying power in the U.S.?

Here are 5 hacks to help you better understand and engage with the Hispanic Customer:

  • Hispanics are not a race but a culture
  • Hispanics make decisions by means of family discussions
  • Word of mouth is big among Hispanics
  • Engage online in Spanish AND English
  • Hispanics don’t appreciate the “hard sale”