6 Lessons Learned On My Journey to Moore Principal and Shareholder

Photo of Terrie Ard

Terrie Ard

Chief Operating Officer and President

This is a blog about winning.

It seems self-explanatory, but warrants further examination: “Winners focus on winning.”

What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, winning starts with a mindset, one that we’ve worked to hone at Moore Communications Group.

There are many potential distractions along the way of growing a business. The temptation is to focus on what the competition is doing or what others say you should be doing. Winning requires clarity on your own vision of success.

As I celebrate the next step in my career as MCG’s newest principal and shareholder, I am proud of what we’ve accomplished.

MCG was a small firm with eight employees when I started 16 years ago; today we have more than 40. We’ve grown revenue by 529 percent, and Florida Trend has recognized MCG as a Best Place to Work for eight years running.

I’ve learned many lessons along the way, and I want to share a few of them with you. This is us winning:

Put Employees First, And Everything Else Will Fall In Place

Developing our team members and empowering them to achieve individual greatness is part of our DNA and the cornerstone of what we’re building together.

I started with MCG as an intern. Many members of our senior-level team have a similar story. I am proud to say that when people come to us, they seldom leave.

We are committed to a work atmosphere that fosters collaboration and an environment where everyone feels comfortable to come as they are.

Our future is focused on our team. They drive success for our company and our clients. It is a future that will include opportunities for key employees to play an even larger role within MCG. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Do Work That Matters

We know our work makes a difference for our clients and the people they serve.

We partner with Florida Prepaid, for example, to inform families about how they can save for college. We work with CareerSource Florida to help people find jobs and to help employers find and develop the talent they need. These campaigns – and many others – have a positive impact in our world.

MCG CEO and Founder Karen Moore continues to grow our footprint in advocacy, giving us the opportunity to partner with businesses, organizations and causes that are contributing to the greater good. She is truly a trailblazer.

Karen’s book, “Behind the Red Door: Unlock Your Advocacy Influence and Success,” published in 2016, kicked off a banner year in which she traveled to more than 30 cities, spoke to 30,000 people at more than 75 events and autographed 5,000 books.

Her leadership role will continue with a focus on advocacy and business development. And there may be another book in Karen’s future. More on that to come.

Learn To Think Like A Futurist

We tend to think that vision is inherent; you either have it or you don’t. In reality, futuristic thinking can be learned.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Sheryl Connelly, who has served as Ford Motor Company’s futurist for more than a decade. Her job is to determine how people will think about transportation and mobility in five, 10, 15 years and beyond. She inspired me to change my thinking.

I trained myself to focus on where we wanted MCG to be in the context of how the world, the industry and people’s perceptions are changing. Viewing everything through the lens of the future conditioned me to think bigger, but that certainly wasn’t the case at the beginning of my career. This was a skill I developed.

Be Your Own Client

Yes, the client always comes first, but you have to think of your company as your client.

This is a challenge for every business leader. How do you balance working on behalf of your clients and putting the hours in to ensure your company is positioned for the future? There are no easy answers, but you must commit to making your business a priority.

Much of what I do every day is mapping out strategy, determining our next goals and how we are going to achieve them and improving processes, services and structure within our team. My brain never turns off on how we can do everything bigger, bolder and better. This serves MCG – and the clients who rely on us – well.

Swim Hard In The Small Pond

Working at MCG gave me the opportunity to be part of building something bigger than myself. Working on the front-lines with clients early in my career encouraged me to stretch my skills and learn every day. I developed as a strategic thinker and a leader. I likely would not have had the same opportunities had I started at a larger agency.

I encourage young people entering the industry to at least spend some time being the big fish in a small pond. You will gain so much more experience. The opportunity comes with hard work, but if hard work is your input, success is the output.

Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This: Focus On The Opportunity

We have fun at MCG, but there are challenging times. We work in a fast-paced industry where technology constantly changes what we do and how we do it. But even on the crazy days, I am thankful.

I am grateful to be part of leading a company that stands for the right things, that takes care of its employees and that accomplishes success on behalf of clients. We get through the difficult days with a focus on opportunity.

We aren’t distracted by the competition or extraneous factors that have no stake in defining our success. We focus on winning. Every day. For our clients, for our business and for our team.