A Unique Opportunity for Florida Businesses

Photo of Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Founder and CEO

In the 25 year history of MCG, our team has had the opportunity to work on meaningful campaigns that truly make a difference in our community, our business economy and the daily lives of individuals. We take great pride in knowing our time and talents are making an impact. One example is the work we do to help provide resources for individuals with disabilities. In fact, this year I have the great honor to serve as Chair of The Able Trust, an organization with a mission to provide Floridians with disabilities opportunities for successful employment.

Last year, Florida’s legislature passed a new bill creating the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program, which recognizes businesses that hire and support individuals with disabilities. Currently, the state’s unemployment rate for those with unique abilities is higher than the national average and disproportionate across some regions. The mission of the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program is to spotlight businesses that advance the independence of individuals who have a disability by employing, or contributing to programs that support, these individuals.

Moore Communications Group is proud to start 2017 as a partner of the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program. Through our work with organizations such as ABLE United, The Family Café, Ability First and others, we know the impact can and will be stronger if we stand together.

We encourage all Florida businesses to join us in this endeavor, whether you support or employ individuals with disabilities, to help reduce unemployment among those who are ready, willing and able to contribute to our workforce.

By becoming a part of the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program, we can change the workforce, which in turn fosters stronger businesses and strengthen our state’s economy.

For more information on the Florida Unique Abilities Partner Program, visit www.FloridaUniqueAbilities.org.