Celebrating 25 Years of the Moore You Know

I founded Moore Communications Group (MCG) 25 years ago and gave it my name because I knew then, as I know now, that your name and brand mean everything in business.

Photo of Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Founder and CEO

As we celebrate MCG’s anniversary, I am proud that our reputation – and our work – speak for themselves. We don’t rely on buzz to drum up undue attention. We never promise more than we can deliver, and we always aim to exceed expectations.

You trust MCG as a corporation dedicated to client success, employee development and community impact. We have never lost sight of those values, and we never will. They made us who we are: the creative agency of choice for clients across the country.

A quarter-century is a milestone that many businesses don’t celebrate. About 50 percent of businesses fail within their first five years, and only about 20 percent survive to 20 years. We’re stronger than ever and ready to forge ahead into the next 25 years with boldness steeped in a longstanding history of results.

I don’t do it often, but once in a while, I allow myself to reflect on how MCG became the multimillion-dollar corporation it is today. When I started, the “group” was me and a couple of interns in one room of a tiny cottage. Now, we have 50 employees working from offices in three time zones.

The Moore you know has grown exponentially, particularly in the past five years, adding talent in advocacy, branding and digital marketing. We have the state of Florida covered with powerhouse teams in Tallahassee and West Palm Beach. We’ve expanded into New Orleans and into Denver. We have some of the country’s top strategists and creatives working on behalf of all of our clients across all offices.

Along the way, we’ve won more than 500 awards. We enjoy accolades, but we’re most interested in winning client trust and praise. In an industry known for turnover, we have clients who have relied on our knowledge and creativity for years. We treasure these long-term relationships. Our clients are our partners; we’re in this together.

The Moore you know believes in its employees. Our team members also tend to stay with us, which is by design. When we support and enrich our employees, they do an even better job of supporting clients. As we look to the future, we will be aggressive about growth and opportunity, but we will never deviate from a culture that fosters work-life balance, health and wellbeing. The team comes first.

Finally, the Moore you know believes in community. Service isn’t a box we check, but rather, a fundamental part of who we are. We’ve donated thousands of hours of pro bono work and volunteer service to our communities. That will never change. In fact, we plan to kick our efforts up a notch, pooling the collective strengths of our employees across all locations to have an even greater impact.

There are those who might be tempted to rest after 25 years, but not us. We’re looking ahead to a new Moore, one that will remain true to its roots while exhibiting the type of boldness that can only come from a long tradition of excellence.

More to come!

The Moore you know is … Karen Moore.

“Our CEO and founder works just as hard today as she worked 25 years ago. Her fire and spark have not wavered or dimmed. Her excitement and passion about what we do each day has only increased. She was always in this for the full marathon, and that’s an important part of who we are.”

Terrie Ard, COO and President

The Moore you know is … an awesome place to work.

“A lot of agencies have a churn and burn mentality, so you don’t develop a seasoned staff. This is a firm where people want to come and stay. You can come here and work really hard, but still have a family. We’ve grown exponentially, but yet we are still recognized as a best place to work. Those don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

Jordan Jacobs, Senior Vice President

The Moore you know is … giving back.

“Giving back is ingrained in our culture and in each of us to find ways to better the communities in which we live. Our service evolves with our company and our team members. We’re always finding new ways to give back.”

Fern Senra-James, Managing Director of Advocacy

The Moore you know is … talent and success.

“We’re making an impact on current clients by bringing the best talent to their accounts. Having a team with a pulse on each industry we serve brings a level of expertise to clients that drives their growth and success. At every level of our organization, we are focused on customer service and creative work that truly moves the needle for clients.”

Audrey Morris Goff, Vice President

The Moore you know is … respected.

“We have created something that is so unique and true to who we are. We are a sought-after entity from a client perspective and an employee perspective. People want to be here. They want to do business with us. They want our expertise on how they can make their business better.”

Nanette Schimpf​, Vice President

The Moore you know is … well.

“Moore’s wellness program has proven that it doesn’t take a huge lift to create huge results and benefits. In the years since this program started, we’ve seen a decline in the number of sick days used and an above-industry retention rate. No one wants to leave Moore, because we all know that the leadership considers us family. And that means making sure we are truly well, from the inside out.”

Shannon Colavecchio, Senior Director and Wellness Director