Digital Marketing and PR Industry Monthly Update for July 2016


Non-profit’s Project Everyone #WhatIReallyWant spoofs Spice Girls

Last year the United Nations agreed to put women first in a plan called Sustainable Development Goals. Project Everyone used the famous Spice Girl’s song “Wannabe” for their video to raise awareness of the plan. In the video the ladies sing along while pointing out the desire to end poverty, fix climate change and tackle inequalities. The video had over 1.5 billion views in July.

Why it Matters: The #WhatIReallyWant campaign did a great job of taking something very familiar and flipping it on its head. It was executed so well that original song writers help promote it on their social channels. When using beloved pop culture from the past it is important that you are careful not to mock it. The creators behind this video used the material in a respectful and surprisingly meaningful way. Who knew a ‘90s pop song could be so relevant?


Verizon to buy Yahoo!

The $5 billion dollar deal has been in the works for awhile but it looks to really be happening.

Why it matters: Verizon is growing out of being just a phone carrier. They will be the owner of Yahoo’s advertising tech such as BrightRoll, a service for delivering video ads. They also own Yahoo’s somewhat popular Yahoo Sports and Tumblr, but many think they will sell those off later.


Facebook Messenger has 1 billion users

Facebook Messenger has doubled its user count in 20 months, now reaching one billion users.

Why it matters: While there was constant iteration on everything from flashy features to performance improvements during this ascent, it seems to have paid off for the popular app. Hitting the 1-billion-user milestone is another reason why Facebook is the king of social media. Facebook’s recent announcement about letting brands use bots in the app sounds even more enticing given the large audience already using the app.

Twitter opens account verification to all

Twitter users are now able to request account verification through an online form, but must meet certain criteria in order to be considered. This verification shows Twitter users that the accounts of influential organizations and public figures are who they claim to be.

Why it matters: For companies, brand managers, and influencers, this account verification serves as a badge of honor and helps followers be assured they are following the real deal.

Facebook Live was used at RNC convention. Expect more use at DNC

More than 20 media outlets live-streaming elements of their coverage at the Republican & Democratic National Conventions via Facebook Live.

Why it matters: Facebook live is bringing Facebook to the next level, making it easier for them to highly engage in events such as the RNC and DNC. Facebook’s presence is unique because their role generally in the conversation around the election is different. Facebook Livse use by the media is helping Facebook be established as news platform itself. The media is picking up on how its audience likes to consume their media online: fast, convenient and instantaneous.

Snapchat’s new Memories function could change the way we remember

Snapchat users are now able to create, save and share their personal postings and, depending on the security settings, the memories of friends as well – all within the app.

Why it matters: This feature will make room for the re-creation of memories and selective memory in a very fluctuating medium of media, as it revolutionizes the traditional scope of social media. Publishers and other power users might like the idea of creating images outside of the app so they can be more in control of the editing. They also won’t have to shoot the photos in real-time.


Twitter bans famous troll

Notorious Milo Yiammopoulous is best known for trolling women and those on the left on Twitter. He finally went too far with his trolling of actress Leslie Jones when he used his minions to attack her using racist and hateful tweets.

Why it matters: Twitter knows it has a hate speech problem but has been criticized for not doing enough about it. Twitter taking more decisive action could help change its image and help retain popular users and brands.

How PR and social media pros can avoid a ‘Trump moment’

Presidential candidate Donald Trump came under fire for posting a Tweet that labeled running mate, Hillary Clinton as the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” and included a six-pointed star which typically associated with the Jewish faith.

Why it Matters: Situations like this should be handled by listening to the feedback of your audience and apologizing in order to mitigate negative public response the post generated. It is also important to do your homework to ensure your post stands for what you mean it to stand for and does not have a second or hidden meaning.

Digital Marketing

Hop on the Pokémon bandwagon

Pokémon Go is sweeping the country People are getting off their couch and walking miles in order to play. Could your business cash in on this craze?

Why it matters: Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has confirmed that sponsored retail locations are coming to Pokémon Go soon. Some small businesses are already taking advantage of the popular game. Since the game takes place out in the world and players are encourage to travel, if your business relies on foot traffic you should seriously consider incorporating the game into your local marketing. Check to see if you are near a “Pokestop” or a “Gym”. If so put out a sandwich board and announce it on your social media channels that players are welcome.

Google integrates Shutterstock into Adwords and Adsense

Adword users will be able to use Shutterstock’s more than 90 million licensed images.

Why it matters: With so many images this integration should help with the creation process. If it is anything like the Facebook integration, being able to search Shutterstock’s huge library will really help you create more ads to a/b test.