Digital Marketing and PR Industry Monthly Update for September 2016

Digital Marketing

Google’s Penguin Algorithm Is Changing

Google announced that they have rolled out an update to their Penguin algorithm. This algorithm launched back in 2012, is now updated in all languages and is real-time and more granular.

Why it matters: While Penguin is just one of hundreds of signals used to determine rank, this could create some changes to your results. You should keep an eye on your Google Analytics and Search Engine Results page as your numbers might fluctuate.

AdBlock Is Having Their Cake and Eating It Too

AdBlock, one of the most downloaded ad blocking browser plugins, is now dipping their hands into the ad selling business. They have joined forces with a German advertising platform to create a platform allowing “acceptable ads” to be whitelisted.

Why it matters: This new platform will benefit those who want to show nonintrusive ads to users with ad blockers. I guess if you can’t beat ’em, might as well join ’em!

Unauthorized Hyperlinks Could Get You in Serious Trouble

A European Union high court recently ruled that linking to unauthorized content could be considered copyright infringement. In this particular case for a for-profit website, linking to infringing content was qualified as “communication to the public” and, therefore, deemed illegal.

Why it matters: If you are a for-profit website you should be careful what you link to. Using unauthorized hyperlinks to copyright infringement is not a recommend practice but in the European Union, it could get you into lots of trouble with the law.


Instagram Continues to Step up Their Advertising Game

Good strategic move for Instagram as they added more appeal to their ad experience making them more visible and interactive.

Why it matters: Instagram is becoming more completive in the ad space with upgrades that are making ads stand out more to your audience with increased visuals and more obvious call-to-actions to increase click-through-rate. If you are not advertising on Instagram already, you should look into using this platform to promote your brand.

Expect More Support from Twitter

Twitter’s new customer support feature allows companies to select a “provides support” indicator which appears when Twitter users are searching for a business’s account.

Why it matters: This new feature indicates that businesses provide support and allows them the ability to display hours of availability and more. This will come handy especially for businesses that have a dedicated support handle and will help businesses improve their customer service.


Marriott’s Flipping New Room

Marriott is trying to stand out from their competitors by creating a unique experience for their guests with an upside-down hotel room. This #MGravityRoom is an inverted replica of Marriott’s new guest room which is rolling out now.

Why it matters: Marriott received input on what their guests wanted to see updated in the room renovations by surveying 5,000 customers. They listened to their customers and are implementing these changes, but also took it a step further by creating the upside-down room to showcase the updates. This was a great move by Marriott to help create buzz around their brand transformation and possibly even go viral with #MGravityRoom. Who wouldn’t want to post a photo of themselves in an upside-down room with a floating TV?

PR / Media Relations

How Important Are Facebook Video Stats?

Facebook apologizes for an error with their video viewership statistics, admitting that videos viewed for fewer than three seconds were excluded from the average viewing times, which skewed the numbers presented to partners.

Why it matters: This error is concerning for advertising agencies and publishers who rely heavily on these metrics. But this should not keep you from using Facebook video as they have a high viewing percentage rate when compared to all other types of content.


Is the iPhone 7 All That It’s Cracked Up to Be?

The iPhone 7 is out and includes some big changes that everyone has been talking about including a water resistant body, dual cameras, and the most debated update, no headphone jack.

Why it matters: The new iOS was better received than the hardware this time around. While some are saying that Apple is losing steam, we at least know that mobile marketing is still going strong.