Digital Marketing and PR Industry Update for October 2016

Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketplace is now available

Facebook introduced an in app destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community.

Why it matters: Is Facebook taking on Craigslist? Not sure, but Facebook continues to find new ways to keep its users within their app. It seems that Facebook is also trying to get is users to cozy up to connecting their wallet with the app. How soon until the phrase “I paid with Facebook” becomes commonplace?


360 Videos and pictures coming to instant articles on Facebook

The mobile-friendly Instant Articles feature on Facebook will soon support publishers’ 360 video and photos.

Why it matters: For publishers, specifically publishers with verified Instant Article pages, this is good news as it increases the capabilities for their content. We expect to see publishers investing in new technology and creative ways to make their content stand out and keep up with this multimedia-demanding world.

More Twitter layoffs

Twitter is reducing its workforce by 8% just as it is set to release its quarterly earnings.

Why it matters: There has been lots of talk about Twitter being shopped around. The fact of the matter is that even though Twitter is widely used, it struggles to be profitable to shareholders. Could the end be near for Twitter? Not necessarily, but it did spell the end of Vine.

Twitter shuts down Vine

Twitter plans to discontinue the mobile app Vine in the coming months.

Why it matters: The marketing potential for Vine has lessened ever since new platforms and services like Snapchat and Instagram video have come about. We now have one less network to use for influencer marketing.

PR / Media relations

Samsung PR team lack of response to its phones’ catching fire

After the Galaxy Note 7 phones had to be recalled, Samsung scraps the phone line completely with little insight or explanation from their PR team.

Why it matters: Bad enough your flagship product is causing fires, but don’t make it worse by going silent and not clearly explaining to your users what will be done about it. Right now, Samsung is giving us a lesson of how not to handle a crisis.

Subway’s struggle as Jared continues to make headlines

A year since Subway’s former pitchman was sentenced to prison, the company still struggles with PR.

Why it matters: As this article points out “nearly 50% of firms lack formal crisis plans; about 60% said their firms fail to hold regular crisis simulations.” If you’re one of these companies lacking a crisis plan, make it a top priority before the year is done. Putting it off does you no good.


The Internet was down for many in the US and parts of Europe

A DDoS attack brought down the internet and disrupting many popular websites like Twitter, Spotify and Netflix.

Why it matters: Tech companies must do more to protect themselves and us with better cyber-security.

Google’s new smartphone is revealed

Google’s new phone puts them back into the hardware game.

Why it matters: With Apple’s recent lack luster phone updates and Samsung’s PR mess this is a good time for Google to re-enter the handheld market. We don’t expect to see Google’s phone to get the same market share that it has in the search engine sector or even in the browser world (Chrome) but this phone could boost Android OS usage as some Apple users ponder the switch.