Florida Trend Best Places to Work

Celebrating Nearly a Decade as a Best Place to Work

What makes a company truly great? To our team at MCG, it’s more than achieving our revenue goals year after year. It can be found in everything from our teamwork to our team builders, and in everyone from our leadership to our interns.

It’s for attributes like these, and many more, that MCG is being recognized by Florida Trend as a Best Place to Work for the eighth year in a row, and was recently named an Inc. 5000 Best Company to Work For. In honor of the achievements, we asked our team to share with us what makes a company a great place to work, and why they feel MCG has earned this recognition for nearly a decade.

Over my time at MCG, I have loved being part of the growth of this company. We’ve doubled – almost tripled – in size since I started, yet at our core, we have remained true to the values of what makes MCG the best place to work. We celebrate the hard work that leads to great client successes, while embracing the creativity, teamwork and friendship that are major drivers of our corporate culture.

Jamie Fortune, Managing Director, Tallahassee, 10 years with MCG

When I hear “best place to work” I think of freedom. Freedom to share ideas and feel that your thoughts will be heard and considered; freedom to grow, either at something where you already excel, or to learn a new skill; and freedom to enjoy a career that understands work life balance – sprinkling fun into work with team building activities and understanding when life crosses into work. When employees feel free to grow and pursue their talents, there is no ceiling on how high they can fly.

Meredith Westheimer, Senior Account Executive, West Palm Beach, 1 year with MCG

MCG is very family friendly. Being able to work remotely and be flexible with our schedules has allowed me to take time to be a good father and a supportive husband. We are a family of smart people who aren’t afraid of big goals. We love raising the bar and seeing each other succeed.

David Soto, Senior Account Executive, Denver, 1.5 years with MCG

Our team inherently knows the significance of building people up and supporting one another to ensure we deliver great work for our clients and maintain a happy and healthy work environment. It’s in our DNA. MCG has a special kind of culture that has generated explosive growth and it’s awesome to be a part of this fast-moving ride!

Audrey Morris, Vice President, Denver, 8 years with MCG

Identifying a company as a “best place to work” is determined by the people who know it best – the employees. The term “best” is defined as of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality – and MCG achieves that by knowing who we are and what we stand for. More importantly, each of us understands our role in contributing to the company’s success and helping to lay a foundation for the future. After my first week of work, I knew I had found my home.

Rachel Fackender, Account Executive, Tallahassee, 2 years with MCG

MCG provides not only professional developmental growth and great opportunities for advancement, but a great work and home balance. MCG also promotes healthy lifestyles, whether through our workplace wellness program or just providing a good laugh to promote self-care and positive energy.

Allen (AJ) Goodrum, Graphic Designer, Tallahassee, 2.5 years with MCG