How Moore Changed the Trajectory of Amendment 10

We are always up to the challenge when our clients need us. That’s why our team didn’t flinch when early polling showed only 31 percent support for Amendment 10.

Photo of Nanette Schimpf

Nanette Schimpf

Vice President

The Florida Sheriffs Association has been our valued client for 10 years and we're proud to celebrate a major win for them, and for all Floridians with the amendment's passage. Moore was uniquely equipped to lead the push for Amendment 10, which pass with more than 64 percent of the vote.

The dramatic turnaround was the result of a statewide campaign using a range of tools from high-quality video to traditional media. We believed in Amendment 10 and knew that if we told the story of all the good it would accomplish, voters would too.

Amendment 10 protects Florida veterans, voting rights and public safety. It ensures that all county constitutional officers are elected (sheriff, tax collector, property appraiser, clerk of court and supervisor of elections); creates the Office of Domestic Security and Counterterrorism within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement; improves state budgeting by starting the Legislature’s annual session in January of even-numbered years; and preserves the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Here’s how we changed the trajectory of this important amendment:

Mobilizing a Statewide Network

Early poll numbers did not discourage us because we knew we could call upon a dynamic team with statewide influence. Constitutional officers in every county came together to speak with one voice.

Moore developed messaging for op-eds, social media, rack cards and other assets that we distributed to every elected official. As a result, these officials were prepared to deliver a compelling story at any time and conducted thousands of community meetings and speaking engagements. Their personal action and attention gave Amendment 10 an unstoppable boost headed into Election Day.

Focus on Storytelling

Whether you’re marketing a brand or cause, stories are what motivate people to action.

We humanized Amendment 10 through storytelling. Video vignettes included, for example, a military mom leaving for a deployment and a Veteran recovering from a major injury. These spots ran on multiple platforms that included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, reaching a diverse audience that included younger voters.

Constitutional amendments can be a challenge to promote. Ballot language is sterile and often leaves voters with questions about an amendment’s intended impact. Stories are a powerful tool to make connections and win support.

Facing the Opposition Head On

Most of the opposition focused on the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. Editorial boards and other influential groups encouraged voting no on the amendments based on their opposition to the process.

Our champions took the time to answer questions and explain the process. Messaging drove home the points that the amendment would not grow government or increase taxes.

We took control of the conversation and directed it toward the provisions of Amendment 10. Voters were receptive once they understood the process and the amendment’s positive impact.

These efforts combined garnered over 125 million impressions, not including speaking engagements, that drove over 1,000 people to daily. Once that momentum started, there was no looking back.

This was an exciting process for the Moore team and for our client. Together, we turned the least supported amendment into a win for Florida!