Thinking of interning at Moore? Our summer 2019 Tallahassee-based intern class provides the inside scoop.

Photo of Fern Senra-James

Fern Senra-James

Managing Director

In my more than 10 years at Moore,

I have had the pleasure of serving as the firm’s internship coordinator.
2019 Summer Interns from left to right: Nikki Mendez, Mary Kate Buckner, Maribeth McClenny, Emily Martin

This means I get to engage with students who are eager to learn more about our industry and mentor them throughout their time with us. As a former teacher, I really enjoy the opportunity to help them shape what their future career could look like. One of my biggest pride points about our internship program is how students are given the ability to develop and strengthen their skills in a nurturing environment and feel comfortable asking questions. Yes, we expect a lot from our interns, but we understand they’re still learning, and every moment is a teachable one. From interns to the CEO, the belief that there’s always room to grow in your career is just one of the reasons we’re consistently recognized as a Best Company To Work For by Florida Trend and Inc. Magazine.

Our fast-paced environment with clients that cover a broad range of industries makes Moore the ideal agency to uncover your passion and learn from the best in the business. While I can go on and on about what I think makes Moore so great, I’ll let our most recent Tallahassee-based interns share their thoughts.

What was your favorite thing about interning at Moore?

Maribeth: Coming in every single day, everyone was very welcoming, and truly cared that we succeeded. And they always had Lucky Goat coffee!

Emily: I really loved the conversation and friendships I formed here. They made the day to day work enjoyable!

What was the most challenging part of your internship?

Mary Kate: I helped manage content for about 8 different clients, so time management was a challenge. It pushed my organizational skills and allowed me to tap into my true potential.

Emily: I always had about 4 projects going, and only being in the office for a few hours a couple of days a week challenged my time management skills. But I did it! And I’ll be applying my new skills this semester!

Describe the atmosphere at Moore:

Maribeth: It is the perfect agency/work environment. It is fun and positive, but we still work hard to get everything done.

Mary Kate: It is very bright and bubbly. It is like family, we are always laughing and talking around the celebration table.

What was the most important lesson you learned at Moore?

Maribeth: For me, it was stepping out of my comfort zone.

Mary Kate: EVERYTHING. I didn’t know much about public relations before I came, and Moore really helped me develop my skills and taught me everything I needed to know. They also taught me when to work hard and when to play.

What was the day-to-day life like at Moore?

Maribeth: I check email, news, media monitoring, time sensitive projects, asking if anyone needs help, and answering the phones when needed.

Nikki: I say hi to everyone, check email, look up industry news, help however I can, and usually end my day with research.

Mary Kate: Very busy. People are always running around getting things done. There are always treats on the celebration table, a communal and collaborative area in the office. Busy is the word that keeps popping into my head, but busy in the best possible way.

Emily: Every day was different and packed to the brim with things to do! Projects, content, copywriting, anything you could think of, I probably did it in my day to day tasks.

Describe a favorite memory you have of Moore:

Maribeth: I like being busy; it is the perfect amount of stress. So, my favorite memory was a brainstorm meeting for new client. It was cool to see everyone in action and being able to contribute new ideas.

Nikki: That’s hard because it went by so fast! I liked when I tried something new. Such as, I had never done press releases or graphic design projects. I remember feeling valued and challenged.

Mary Kate: One day, Karen, CEO & Founder, came in and brought these flavored chocolates from her recent trip to Poland. Just an example of the kind of fun environment here.

Emily: An employee here at Moore, Shannon, brings her dogs into the office! They were cuddly and a great stress reliever.

The Final Verdict?

Being an intern at Moore is not for those who want to drift by in life. It is for those who are serious about what they want to do in public relations, advocacy, marketing or advertising. This internship is more than just a stepping-stone, it is a leap into your professional career. Think what you have what it takes to be part of this award-winning team? I’d love to hear from you. Email me at to apply.