Introducing Behind the Red Door

Photo of Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Founder and CEO

“Behind the Red Door: Unlock Your Advocacy Influence and Success” represents my life’s work. It is the culmination of more than two decades of helping hundreds of companies and organizations harness their power to affect change.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed the influence of an advocate’s voice. My first campaign – for the National Donor Marrow Program more than 20 years ago – showed me how advocacy could spur others to take action and solve problems.

Since then, I have fostered a passion for advocacy at Moore Communications Group (MCG). I started MCG because I wanted to give voice to the voiceless. I also wanted to help businesses succeed. Advocacy cultivates powerful relationships that transform clients and employees into loyalists and champions.

What does the image of a red door have to do with advocacy? The red door is a differentiator. It signifies welcome, energy, and passion. It means action. Organizations today must distinguish themselves from the competition. Whether the priorities are to increase revenue, engage in new markets, enhance corporate brands, or affect public policy, advocacy can accomplish those goals.

Modern advocacy is about solving issues and effecting change – inspiring collaboration to support causes and rally for brands; it’s integrating advocacy tactics with marketing strategies designed to influence decision makers.

What about you? Are you using advocacy to build influence for your organization, brand, or issue?

Come with me behind the Red Door and discover the power of your voice.

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