It Stinks to be Stuck

To the driven, the seekers, achievers, and dreamers — we have created a gift for you.

Photo of Terrie Ard

Terrie Ard

Chief Operating Officer and President

Born out of our own work-life lessons and out of challenges we’ve helped our clients overcome, we wrote a book. We think you’re going to find it relatable and worthy of a reread, no matter what kind of a day you’re having.

“It Stinks to be Stuck” is colorful and unpredictable. And as it reveals with each flip of the page, situations can take a surprising turn when you apply teamwork, creativity and fresh perspective.

Why we created this book

At Moore, we work closely with all kinds of leaders. Some are established and confident; some are emerging and discovering — all are in need of a recharge and don’t have a lot of time to pursue one. We believe that the few minutes you spend reading our book will delight you; we also hope the principles tucked inside its rhymes reinvigorate and inspire you.

Not coincidentally, we created this book at a time of creativity and risk within our own company: Our book debuts in conjunction with the launch of our new brand, Moore. After 25 years spent helping others refine, communicate, and maximize their brands, we are carving out some time to celebrate our success and reintroduce ourselves to you!

Who we hope will enjoy it

We’ve come to think of this book as inspiration for leaders of all ages. Maybe you’d like to pass it on to a friend you think would respond to it; maybe you’d like to keep your copy in the office to read when you want a five-minute reset. Or perhaps you want to take the book home and share it with your children as a conversation starter about how they can brave and bold — and accomplish their goals. That, to us, would be the ultimate compliment!

How we plan to use it

If you have a copy of the book in your hands, you are a leader who inspires us to do great work each day. And if you don’t, submit a request to us below.

At the core of Moore, we get great joy from giving back to our communities. We’re excited to take this book and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. In an all-team engagement across all our offices, we will read this book to children in underserved communities, and share a fun activity related to the lessons in the book.

In the end, we hope “It Stinks to be Stuck” helps get you unstuck. We hope it challenges you. Galvanizes you. Changes your perspective. And serves as renewed inspiration to never give in or up.

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