Keeping Talent Local: The Tally Job Hop

Photo of Terrie Ard

Terrie Ard

Chief Operating Officer and President

Tallahassee is home to several stellar colleges and universities. At MCG, we directly benefit from this wealth of talent every day. Our internship program has produced a number of current full-time superstar employees. While we know part of it is our awesome culture and exciting clients, the fact is that Tallahassee is so much more than a college town.

Recently, MCG hosted a group of students as part of the Tally Job Hop. The vision of community leaders like Lester Hutt and coordinated by the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, the event was hosted to show local college students the opportunities that exist in Tallahassee after graduation.

We were inspired by the gathering, so we asked Katie Spillman, a standout former intern who is now a senior account executive, to share more about why she decided to stay in Tallahassee after graduation.