PR and Marketing Industry Weekly Update

Let’s get you caught up on the latest news and updates from the Public Relations and Digital Marketing space.


Facebook denies report that the trends feature is biased.

Facebook says its procedures are not biased against showing conservative news in its trends feature after accusations surface saying otherwise.

Why it matters: A majority of Facebook users say they get their news from Facebook, according to a recent Pew Research Center and Knight Foundation study. Being a trusted news source is new territory for a social media company, so we’re looking forward to see how they navigate this.

Colleges use Snapchat to attract prospective students.

Campus recruiters are using the app as a social media marketing tool by using features like geofilters.

Why it matters: If your audience is in the 18-24 range, you should be looking into Snapchat. Marketers are still trying to discover how best to leverage this popular app. Take note on how these schools are trying to meet their audience’s terms and apps.


Did you know the SEO industry is worth $65 billion?

SEO still matters and is still a profitable industry because there are more users and more searches than ever before.

Why it matters: SEO is far from dead. In fact some brands have to think about optimizing for other search engines besides Google like Amazon’s in app search engine. Search engines are always evolving, so having people dedicated to SEO to help your business keep up is a must. While “black hat” tactics are becoming less prevalent thanks to continuous improvements in SERP’s algorithms, principles of SEO have always remained the same: quality content and quality website. If you aren’t ranking where you would like to be, there is a lot that can be done. Just remember that when it comes to quality SEO, slow and steady wins the race.

Does email influence your SEO ranking?

Google’s Gmail can connect companies that are guilty of sending spam emails with their websites. They might take that info into account when ranking those companies’ websites in search results.

Why it matters: If true, companies engaged in shady email campaigns could be penalized when it comes to organic rankings. Make sure that you’re looking at all of your marketing tactics together to see the big picture and that you are adhering to best practices.

Public Relations

Another celebrity goes too far on Twitter and pays the price.

Rapper Azealia Banks’ racist and homophobic Twitter rant against a former One Direction singer gets her removed from headlining a music festival.

Why it matters: The music festival acted swiftly to distance itself from the toxic artist. More businesses are becoming less tolerant when business partners embarrass themselves. We applaud this new wave of corporate responsibility to stand up for social issues.


Instagram’s new logo gets mixed reviews.

Instagram has been updating their look lately. Their latest change is their logo. Some people like it and some hate it.

Why it matters: Your fans can become emotionally attached to your brand including your logo. Remember the backlash when Coke-a-Cola changed their look? If you are looking to permanently change your longtime identity, be prepared for some pushback. There are ways to unveil a new brand that empowers your advocates instead of alienates them, so be sure to think through the launch strategy when unveiling a new brand identity.

Budweiser will rebrand itself to ‘America’ this summer.
The beer company will change its labeling to ‘America’ for part of the year.

Why it matters: With the Olympics around the corner, Budweiser’s new branding hopes it will be riding on the patriotism as the US goes for gold. They are also pointing out that this is a temporary label change which instantly makes these cans of beer a collector’s item.


Google’s new iOS keyboard is out.

Google released a new application for iOS devices that lets you search without a browser. You can search, find gifs and pull in listings from Google Maps while texting friends or family.

Why it matters: Now you can find gifs more easily (well okay, there’s more). Google could gain even more access to search data. This new data could help advertisers get their targeted ads to the right people and maybe even in this app one day. Local businesses should make sure their Google Map listings are accurate, since this app uses your location to improve search results – meaning Local SEO might play a role search results.


Google is banning advertising from payday lenders.

Effective in July, Google will no longer allow ads for loans due within 60 days and will also ban ads for loans where the interest rate is 36 percent or higher.

Why it matters: Google’s corporate activism is based in their old motto “don’t be evil.” If they think your industry is harmful to its users then they have no problem restricting the use of their ad platform.

Facebook debuts retargeted ads on Instagram.

Facebook says “Dynamic Ads” will be available on Instagram soon.

Why it matters: These dynamic remarketing ads will allow marketers to show products to people who have expressed interest and are branching out to more than just the e-comm and retail industries. Dynamic remarketing on Facebook is already a successful tool for most brands, and this new ad placement allows marketers to tap into a new inventory source.

Email Marketing

Running for office and running email campaigns.

PR Daily analyzed email campaigns from Presidential candidates and saw some interesting trends – like super short subject lines.

Why it matters: Even though you may not be in the business of getting elected to a higher office, there are some good takeaways in these very strategic email campaigns. It is good to look for insights outside of your vertical.