Meet Moore’s Team of Accredited PR Pros

The new normal is changing constantly but it’s our job as communications professionals to share the most effective and strategic insights to maintain the best possible outcome. This is learned through experience and education...

“Public relations are a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive citizens.”

Alvin Adams

The new normal is changing constantly but it’s our job as communications professionals to share the most effective and strategic insights to maintain the best possible outcome. This is learned through experience and education.

Moore has garnered a 92% employee retention rate and a 98% client retention rate. Nearly 1 in 4 of our team members have been with Moore for 10+ years, and many of our client partnerships span decades. One thing that sets us apart is our team’s dedication to continued learning and pride in receiving accreditations such as the Public Relations Society of America’s Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). In fact, with seven APRs, our team has the most APR accreditations in the state, and Founder and CEO Karen Moore was one of the first individuals to sit for and receive the accreditation.

The APR credential certifies a practitioner’s drive, professionalism and principles, while setting an individual apart from their peers, positioning one as a leader and mentor in the competitive public relations field. In honor APR Month, it was only fitting to ask our seven seasoned APRs’ insight on the current pandemic, why they give back to the communities we live and work in and what this accreditation means to each of them:

  • Karen Moore, Founder and CEO, APR - 27 years with Moore
  • Terrie Ard, COO and President, APR - 24 years
  • Jordan Jacobs, Senior Vice President, APR - 8 years
  • Nanette Schimpf, Vice President, APR - 17 years
  • Jamie Fortune, Managing Director, APR - 13 years
  • Fern Senra-James, Managing Director, APR - 11 years
  • Emily Read, Managing Director, APR - 10 years

Q: What’s the one thing companies should do to most effectively communicate with their audience during the pandemic?

  • Terrie Ard: One word: Empathy. One of the most effective ways to connect with your audience is at an emotional level, helping to ensure you leave a lasting impression that stays throughout the customer journey. How do you best do this? By having audience empathy—being aware of the emotional state your customers are in when they interact with your brand. After all, people make decisions based on emotion, and validate them with logic.
  • Jordan Jacobs: Your audience will remember what you said (or didn’t say) and what you did (or didn’t do) during the pandemic - and its impacts will be long felt. Speak with empathy, tell the truth, be transparent with the facts and don’t sacrifice your brand’s beliefs for a short-term victory.
  • Emily Read: Identify at least one sincere way your company can help people, then talk about it. But the word “sincere” is really critical here – it shouldn’t be something that only impacts your bottom line, but something that can truly be of use to people during this time.

Q: Giving back is essential now more than ever, what are some of the ways you give back?

  • Karen Moore: I have always enjoyed mentoring young or new entrepreneurs. When I began Moore, I did not have a mentor to ask advice. I didn’t know about workers comp, 401K, insurance, licenses, etc. I think startup leaders appreciate hearing strategies that I have employed that worked or didn’t work!
  • Fern Senra-James: My favorite way to give back is through our agency’s internship program and overall student engagement. I love to see the excitement students have about learning more and starting their careers!
  • Nanette Schimpf: I thoroughly enjoy serving my community by volunteering with Bradfordville Fire Rescue Department. Volunteers are often first on-scene at fires, vehicle crashes and medical calls. Serving on the board allows me to guide the efforts of an amazing team. And meeting our neighbors, when they need us most, has been an inspirational experience that has given back to as much as we’ve given. If we all do a little, the world is such a better place.
  • Jamie Fortune: Inside Moore, I take pride in knowing that my colleagues can count on me as one of the firm’s go-to resources for high-level strategy and crisis communications planning. Outside of the office, I serve on the Board of Directors for Honor Flight Tallahassee, a non-profit that flies WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, DC to visit the memorials built to honor their service to our country.

Q: What does earning an APR mean to you and how has it influenced your approach?

  • Karen Moore: I have a degree in Russian History! I learned everything in the marketing communications arena with on the job experiences and through gut instinct. As a lifelong learner, the APR accreditation validated both my knowledge and experience with national and international peers.
  • Fern Senra-James: Having my APR is rewarding, and I’m proud to be among a group of PR practitioners who excel in their careers and prioritize giving back to their communities. Overall, having my APR certification has influenced my approach by reminding me that there is always a process to follow – even in PR. Sometimes you have to move VERY quickly through the steps due to timeliness of the project, but it’s important to remember that each step informs the next.
  • Jordan Jacobs: The APR process made me a stronger strategist - I can’t join a brainstorm or a planning session without jotting down the 10 prongs of a plan and making sure we check each box.
  • Terrie Ard: The APR designation not only demonstrates the achievement of knowledge and expertise as a public relations practitioner, but also the importance of the work we do in this industry. I am proud to have those three letters behind my name, in addition to CPRC, a Certified Public Relations Counselor.
  • Emily Read: Receiving my APR was a bit of a turning point in my career. The process reinforced to me that I’ve “got” this. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m challenged every day by new opportunities, but I have a solid knowledge and experience base from which to pull that gives me confidence that I can lead my team well in any situation.
  • Nanette Schimpf: Receiving my APR was a wonderful milestone in my career. Preparing for the accreditation ensured I was focusing clearly on strategy as a seasoned practitioner. It was a wonderful way to celebrate all the work that had been accomplished at Moore. I work with the best team who continues to elevate each of us through teamwork, creativity and smart strategy.
  • Jamie Fortune: Earning my APR was a personal and professional stretch. I didn’t study Public Relations in college, so I had to learn the fundamental history along with exhibiting a mastery of the strategy. Going through the process 10+ years after college was a challenge in studying, focus and time management (bring on the flash cards!). The designation has given me confidence as a professional knowing I’ve taken an extra step to validate my skills, knowledge and abilities.

In times of uncertainty, one thing remains, our team of highly skilled professionals have the rigor and passion to ensure our client’s success. At Moore, we are committed to hiring and retaining the best and the brightest, which is why professional development is deeply engrained our culture. Through PRSA’s unprecedented APR Accreditation, which provides this highest level of credentials for our industry, we aim to lead.