Moore Today: A Customer-Obsessed Brand Experience

A brand is a promise, and for more than two decades, Moore Communications Group has kept its promise as a company that creates change in the world through an unwavering commitment to our clients, team members and community.

Moore white logo with the magenta pink background.
Photo of Terrie Ard

Terrie Ard

Chief Operating Officer and President

Today, we launch a new brand identity and a new name – Moore, one-word that communicates boldness forged in a quarter-century tradition of excellence. After 25 years of award-winning work on behalf of clients, the time was right for us to evolve our brand. Moore has grown exponentially, particularly in the past five years, adding talent in branding, advertising, digital marketing, public relations, media relations, advocacy and crisis communications.

As we unveil our brand, I want to share with you some of the reasons for our evolution. An evolution that carries insights for businesses and organizations across industries. We are all operating in the Age of the Customer. With the immediacy of the digital experience, consumers have more power than ever before. Your competitive advantage lies in your knowledge about, and engagement with, your customers where they are living, looking and buying online and offline.

We know we must all work harder to make an impression, maintain a genuine connection with customers and honor our promises. This is how Moore stands out. We pooled the collective talents of our team and the latest research to develop our brand. Here’s how we’re telling our own story and how we deliver results for our clients:

Keep it Simple

Our research was conclusive: in this world of complexity, consumers crave simplicity. The top-five brands that make life simpler as ranked by Harvard Business Review have one name: Amazon, Google, Publix, Netflix and Chipotle. Our new logo, consisting of the Moore “M” and the color magenta , one of the primary colors used in printing, reflects our belief in the power of simplicity. Our brand is concise and uncluttered.

Focus On The Audience And Success Will Follow

Your brand story only matters if audiences see it and respond to it. We make sure that happens through The Moore Method, which focuses on Immersion, Cultivation and Activation. This is what we do for ourselves and clients:

  • Immersion – Research and data drive everything we do. We work to understand audiences inside and out through robust discussion, discovery and data collection.
  • Cultivation – We do a lot of things well – advertising, advocacy, branding, digital marketing, social media and more, but it all starts with taking the time to craft the right story. We love numbers, but the story must hang on a bold, creative and powerful idea.
  • Activation – Consumers are distracted, meaning your brand often has mere seconds to make an impression. They also crave a personal experience, based on genuine connection and emotion. As data strategists, we specialize in understating the behaviors, motivations and triggers of audiences. We meet them at every point along the consumer journey where they live, look and buy.

Everyone Must Be A Brand Ambassador

Branding no longer lives in the marketing department or C-Suite, and branding isn’t simply the way we talk about ourselves. It’s who we are and the actions we take every day to reinforce who we are. Everyone at every level of the organization must be involved in creating meaningful experiences for customers.

Moore’s brand guidelines are specific, down to how we answer the phone: pick up by the third ring and return voicemails within 24 hours. Everyone must know what the brand stands for and work in concert to deliver our promised experience every time we interact with a client.

As we celebrate Moore’s 25th anniversary, we know we have a brand that will power our success and engage audiences into the future. We are excited to share it with you because we love what we do! This is how we’re telling our story; we’d be honored to help you tell yours.