Positive, Open and Honest: U.S. Hispanics and Advertising

As a culture, Hispanics are more receptive to advertising than non-Hispanics.

Photo of Steph Conti

Steph Conti

Associate Director

Hispanics coined the term ‘Bueno, Bonito, y Barato’ (good, pretty and cheap) because we undeniably love a good sale. In fact, as a culture we are more receptive to advertising than non-Hispanics and like to learn about the products companies have to offer. Across all generations, Hispanics rely on advertising, especially digital, mobile and broadcast, to make buying decisions and our relationship with brands are usually positive, open and honest.

An example of a successful campaign that relied on nurturing this relationship is Marriot International’s award winning #LoveTravels social campaign. This brand utilized compelling and admired influencers within the Hispanic community to share their own stories that explored their personal passions and celebrated their unique perspectives and experiences. In addition, the brand invited their audiences to react and engage with their own stories using #LoveTravels.


The internet has changed the way our society has interacted with each other and with brands. The once present digital divide among US Hispanics and other populations is quickly shrinking. Even though Hispanics lagged in internet usage, we were quick adopters to smartphones and mobile-only internet access, this positions many opportunities for brands. eMarekter reports that the percentage of Hispanics using the internet from any device at least once a week will jump from 79.8 in 2017 to 81.7 in 2018. This is closing the gap with other population groups that average at 84% of internet users.

Due to the novelty of digital advertising, US Hispanics are receptive and have a less adverse reactions than other groups. Brands should jump on this opportunity because not only are Hispanics receptive, but they also like receiving notifications, messages, coupons and discount information.


Like all consumers, Hispanic Millennials are using their mobile devices for shopping, research and, more importantly, searching for deals. However, in a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 53% of Hispanics (vs. 49% of non-Hispanics) said they downloaded electronic coupons to a mobile device to use in-store at least weekly. This allows brands multiple touch points with their consumers for smart and targeted advertising. In fact, brands can be proactive with their outreach, according to a January 2017 survey by Pandora, many Hispanics are receptive to push notifications about sales.


In an era where online reviews can make or break a brand’s success, it is refreshing to hear that more US Hispanic Millennials are engaging with brands online in a more honest and positive manner. Social media is the preferred medium for these interactions and the conversations are positive, informative and light-hearted. This is compared to the prevailing general market consumers that use social media more often to complain directly to a brand.

To conclude, this blog series is designed to teach you about the best ways to target US Hispanic Millennials. Not only are we a diverse and unique population, but we are also still very connected to our roots and family. And finally, as this blog lays out, our culture is receptive to advertising and are encouraged to look for more information on products and brands. I hope this has been an eye-opening experience for you. Ready to put some of these theories into practice? Let us know how we can help!