PR and Marketing Industry Weekly Update - April 25th


Instagram’s New Video Feature a Potential Marketing Boom for Brands

Instagram is making another possibly groundbreaking change to its functions.

Why it matters: The app that’s launched a thousand careers is shaking things up again with its new video feature. Instagram will now include recommended videos in the Explore section of the app. This new function, along with the impending change in their algorithm, could favor the content of Instagram savvy brands and create a myriad of marketing opportunities for these companies.


Digital Ad Revenue Continues to Grow Boundlessly

Digital ad revenue knows no limits and is being driven by two major factors.

Why it matters: Digital advertising revenue grew 20% over last year to bring in a whopping $59.6 billion dollars during the 2015 calendar year. What’s driving all of this wild growth? Mobile and social media advertising spending with each segment bringing in $20.7 billion and $10.9 billion respectively. Considering these revenue figures will only continue to grow, now more then ever having viable and sophisticated digital advertising strategies for clients is critical to every agency’s bottom line.

Dorm Rooms with No TVs?

U.S. students ages 18 to 22 spend two hours a day streaming video.

Why it matters: College goers and a lot of the younger generation are getting their media from their phones, tablets, Xbox and other streaming devices. If you want to reach that demographic, you might want to look into ads that deliver to those devices. It might be more complicated to develop your ad mix, but it’s a lot cheaper than running a spot during Dancing with the Stars.

Time Spent Viewing

Facebook is taking into account how long you take viewing articles when building your news feed.

Why it matters: The social media giant adding ‘time spent viewing’ as a metric for its news feed algorithm means that you better be writing content that people read all the way through. The company says that long-form content doesn’t get preferential treatment so don’t just make your posts longer, make them more engaging. More to come as we test to see what kind of content gets longer views in Facebook’s eyes.


Small Businesses Are Slow to Spend Much on Facebook

A new survey finds most SMBs are spending less than $50 on Facebook advertising.

Why it matters: If your small business is using FB to advertise, you are ahead of the pack. The survey also found that three quarters of the SMB’s surveyed don’t use any of the tools available to track performance. Again, if you are using things like Facebook pixels and Google Analytics, you could have an advantage over your competitors that are not.


Buckingham Palace Seeks Social Media Manager

HRH Queen Elizabeth of Windsor is searching for an expert tweeter, ‘grammar and Facebook-er’ to maintain the royal family’s presence on the world’s social media stage. The lucky candidate will receive a salary of £50,000 a year along with free lunches and 33 days of PTO.

Why it matters: Even dusty old monarchies understand the power of social media and are looking to reap the benefits of what a well timed status update or tweet can bring. Older, established companies who write off the power of social media could learn a thing or two from this.

Public Relations

ESPN Fires Analyst Curt Schilling for Tasteless Social Media Post

After a post written by the former pitcher that many deemed to be trans-phobic, Schilling was dismissed by the sports mega network.

Why it matters: You can add Schilling’s name to a long list of public figures that have come under fire for their inappropriate social media behavior and an even longer line of those people who have issued a non-apology, apology for their actions. Here’s a pro tip: always err on the side of caution and leave your very personal opinions out of the social media sphere.

The World Goes Purple

Brands and people show their love for Prince on social media.

Why it matters: Brand managers have to make sure that paying tribute to tragic losses does not come off as tacky. The New Yorker for example did a thought and tasteful tribute to Prince’s passing. In matters like these it is best to make sure your post is honest and not self-serving.


Google Chrome Reaches a New Milestone

Google Chrome has reached 1 billion users on mobile.

Why it matters: Google continues its dominance in web search and it’s easy to see that Chrome is a powerhouse too. With 1 billion users, we should appreciate Google’s reach. As they start to roll more products into Chrome like Physical Web notifications, we will see how Google leverages such a huge user base.


Step Up Your Photography Game

New trends in photography are surfacing. Make sure your look is up to date.

Why it matters: If you are searching on sites like Shutterstock or paying a freelancer to snap some photos for you, you should be aware of the latest looks in photography. Get to know the terms that are trending and enhance your own search for the images that are going to make your brand stand out.