PR and Marketing Industry Weekly Update

Let’s get you caught up on the latest news and updates from the Public Relations and Digital Marketing space.


YouTube ads are crushing TV ads

Google released a report stating their ads were 80% more effective than TV ads.

Why it matters: Some of us never have the budget to run ads on TV, but that is okay. Shifting ad dollars to YouTube ads might be the way to go anyways.

More ad options coming Instagram

Instagram is adding video to ad carousel format. Very soon you will be able to have multiple videos contained in the same sponsored post.

Why it matters: Facebook has seen some success with their newest carousel ads and they know video on Instagram is a powerful way to connect with consumers. It makes sense to combine the two. If you are thinking about getting into mobile and video, this new format might be the perfect fit.


Snapchat wins gold, teams up with NBC for Olympic coverage.

Snapchat will have a dedicated channel for the games in Rio De Janeiro. NBC will also share highlights and behind-the-scenes from the Olympics.

Why it matters: Snapchat can tap into a highly desired younger demographic in the US. That demographic is watching less TV. If you want to get their attention you need to meet them on their apps and on their phone screens.

Periscope vs. Facebook

Twitter and the founders of Periscope are not worried about their competitor: Facebook Live.

Why it matters: Right now there is plenty of room on the internet for both of these streaming services. Some might find that Periscope reaches to a more global audience where Facebook Live reaches those closer to home.


Lots of adults can’t recognize an ad on Google’s search results

A new study found that half the adults they surveyed could not tell a promoted search result from an organic one.

Why it matters: Google is trying to be transparent about search ads, but it looks like it is not enough. We will expect for Google to continue to experiment with how paid search results are presented. Keep an eye out for changes and tweaks on the SERPs. They may affect your ad’s performance.

Customer Experience


A study finds US brands outperform UK brands in customer experience. US business measured better in the areas of integrity, personalization, time and effort, meeting expectations, problem resolution and empathy.

Why it matters: It’s good to see positive news like this for US companies. The report says that the greater use of technology in the US is a factor in good customer experience especially when it comes to complaint resolutions. Empowering your team with the right tools can really help with workflow and customer service.


Average time spent on Facebook has gone up.

Facebook said that its users spend on average 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

Why it matters: If you are running ads on these sites, this is good news. Users spending more time on these platforms should mean more chances for your campaigns to gather impressions.

Go ask your mother…online.

Millennial moms’ digital conversations (social media and texting) about brands doubled since 2008. Also moms are talking less about children’s products and more about technology, a recent study finds.

Why it matters: Brands who are vying for the Millennial mom, which is 20-39, need to make sure they are addressing their interactions online and they need to understand they are interested in more than just diapers.

Happy Belated Security Password Day

You might have missed it, but it time to update your password and check out Betty White’s PSAs about the matter.

Why it matters: Not having a good protocol when it comes to password security at your office is like leaving the front door to your business wide open after you leave work.