It has been another exciting week in the world of Public Relations and Digital Marketing. Let’s take a look at the latest happenings in our space.

Digital Marketing

Thumbs Up for Facebook Growth

Facebook gained another 60 million users and revenue was up 57% in the First Quarter.

Why it matters: We hear rumors that Facebook’s base is shrinking, but new numbers actually show an increase of 15% since last year. The increase in revenue suggests there is no weakening of advertisers’ confidence in selling on the platform. Facebook is still the place to be.


10 Billions Views and Counting

Bloomberg reported that 10 billion videos are now viewed each day on Snapchat.

Why it matters: With so many active users on Snapchat, you can see the appeal for marketers who want to tap into this very popular app. And with the focus on video over at Facebook and the dominance YouTube has had for years, video has never been a more important medium.

Game of Thrones Social Media Empire in six stats

HBO’s premier show is ruling social media when it comes to TV shows. Check out this list of stats that shows how GoT is more than just your average cultural phenomenon.

Why it matters: This article provides great insights on how social media campaigns can go global. Brand partnerships also play a big role here too. For example, Spotify’s special feature that tells you what GoT character you are based on your playlists had over 14,800 mentions social media. Are there brand partnerships you could leverage? Know anyone at King’s Landing?

Mark Zuckerburg is here to stay… at least that is the plan.

The founder of Facebook is proposing a deal that would allow him to sell more stocks that have no voting rights.

Why it matters: Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook will continue for a long time. No one can fire him.


When you find out your co-host is leaving you for another show.

Kelly Ripa was told a half hour before the rest of the world that Michael Strahan was moving to Good Mourning America. Feelings were hurt and Kelly stormed out of doing the live tapping.

Why it matters: There is no better advocate, or antagonist, for your company than an employee. Treat them right and you will have some of the most knowledgeable, vocal fans around. Do them wrong, and they’ll make you look like a fool on live television. If big changes are coming to your team, tell them first.

Public Relations

School Official tries to remove negative references of her school & ends up getting removed herself.

A $175,000 plan to try to remove from the Internet negative search results related to the Davis campus and the chancellor of UC Davis, Ms. Katehi specifically backfires.

Why it matters: So many brands are afraid of negative reviews. But don’t forget removing the digital reviews doesn’t erase the real life, negative experiences your customers are having. Instead of investing in removing the evidence, leverage reviews as a way to listen to your customers and improve your brand. And don’t forget to reach out to users with positive and negative reviews alike. Sometimes just knowing the company is really working on improving can turn an adversary into an advocate.

NFL Draftee Top Pick Goes To Pot.

Top NFL prospect took a hit in ranks after video surfaces on social media of marijuana use 15 minutes before the draft started.

Why it matters: Social media has effectively blurred the line between personal and professional life. With apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Periscope, it’s becoming the new norm to capture all aspects of life and share it with others. Social privacy is going to continue to be a hot topic. Bottom line – if you have a presence on social media, reconsider posting anything that might make your current or prospective employer cringe – illegal activity being chief among these.


iPhones are still cool right?

Apple’s iPhone had a 16% dip last quarter, but will new models reverse that?

Why it matters: Even though iPhones aren’t selling like they used to, mobile still is a big deal because there is no slowdown in smartphone usage. 80% of internet users own a smartphone and 50% of smartphone users look at their mobile device before getting out of bed. (

Google Analytics now secures all web traffic

Regardless of your website using HTTPS, Google Analytics is securing all traffic communication of websites that use Google Analytics.

Why it matters: Google’s decision to make their analytics tool more secure does come with some issues. According to Google, “Slower traffic can result in lost hits from users who close a web page before the tracking beacon is sent to Google Analytics” and some users’ firewalls could impede on Google Analytics from collecting data. We don’t expect it to be a huge issue for most folks, but it is worth comparing pre-announcement (Wed4/27/16) data with post-announcement data to see how it is really affecting your analytics.