Se Habla español -- Engage One of the Largest Growing Consumer Markets

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Steph Conti

Senior Account Executive

As a millennial Latina immigrant, I can check off a lot of little boxes on those standardized demographic forms. But I, like many, want to hold on to my identity – especially when it comes to advertising and media. The duality of the U.S. Hispanic culture allows us to embrace traditions recognized as ‘American’ while holding on to our roots and languages from back ‘home.’  However, this may pose as a challenge for some companies trying to establish trust and loyalty with this market. In my opinion, as a consumer and marketer, companies should follow these tips to adequately target the U.S. Hispanic audience.

Hispanic, Latino, Spanish

U.S. Hispanics are one of the largest growing minority groups; with this title comes a lot of consumer power and market influence. Realizing the power in this group is not the problem. The problem that many companies face is how to target and engage these groups of people. The first step is to make your message relatable to your audience. Without relying on stereotypes or offensive messaging, it’s important to relate your message across all cultures and audiences. This can be through graphic design, messaging or branding – all efforts should be tailored to the target audience.

Specialize the specialist

Another tip for helping companies reach the U.S. Hispanic market is to utilize a Hispanic specialist. Subject matter experts and executive leadership that can speak Spanish or are Hispanic are great for media positioning. This ties back to making the message relatable; if you have a leader or expert that can be used to target the Hispanic market, the audience will be more adept to trust in the brand. Moreover, companies with a diverse leadership profile will be more welcomed in the community.

Take the message to them

Many believe that any non-Spanish media can’t be considered Hispanic media. That is just not true. Disregarding the growing number bilingual Hispanic consumers could be devastating for a company’s bottom line. But that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from marketing to the audience in their language. Additionally, Hispanics are more mobile than ever. Tapping into the digital space is huge for the U.S. Hispanic consumer. We use social media to connect with our families and friends in different countries and states. In addition, according to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agency, social media is also used to purchase products, recommend brands and seek services.

Do your research, understand your audience

It can be very daunting for a company with no prior information to try to tackle and understand all the different nuances and idiosyncrasies that encompass the U.S. Hispanic culture. Relying on expert organizations is key. Our Hispanic marketing department was formed in 2014 as a solution for this problem. Through an integrated cross-cultural approach, we helps you connect with the fastest growing economic force – the Hispanic consumer. We bring ideas, insights, and inspiration to help you reach the U.S. Hispanic and multicultural audience. Our team of bilingual and bi-cultural communicators understand the Latino market so well, because we are part of it. Another tip is to reach out to community partners and nonprofits that align with the U.S. Hispanic culture and promote advancement.

U.S. Hispanics are very proud of our heritage and diversity. As consumers, we can be very influential for a campaign or brand.  These tips are not intended to be absolute or final. As society ebbs and flows so too will the U.S. Hispanic culture and our relationship with the media.