The Importance of Team Building in a Fast-Growing Company

Photo of Terrie Ard

Terrie Ard

Chief Operating Officer and President

This year marked the fifth time we ranked as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine.

We have stood the test of time by living out our manifesto, providing transparency with our employees, encouraging collaboration and teamwork, and investing in our team. How do we continue to grow a team across four offices – in three time zones – while holding strong to the corporate culture that has served as the heart of this firm since its inception? We bring all the entire team together from all offices for a week of team building, professional development, and celebration.

From the company founder to a new employee in their first week at Moore, everyone contributed in the All-Team Engagement this month, strengthening the team, and strategizing for a strong 2018. Sessions included presentations from clients, industry experts, and Moore team members. From local entrepreneur Matt Thompson with For the Table/Madison Social to Ford Motor Company’s futurist Sheryl Connelly, the team was inspired, informed, and engaged.

Regardless of job title or years worked at Moore, each team member gained unique takeaways. Five of our newest team members provide their perspective of the value of this Moore All-Team Engagement.

“I found so much value from the meetings because I was able to engage with every team member in powerful ways. Not only did I learn about ‘the Moore DNA’ but also how everyone embraces that concept to create the best results for our clients. With the highly interactive and supportive environment, I was able to get to know the rock star Moore team and their strengths.”

Brady Akers, Associate Director

“To bring a group of individuals that have championship talent in various areas can be difficult to perfect and evolve, but the opportunities that have been given to our Moore family have taken us to the next level. It is always important to move forward together. As Henry Ford says, once everyone has started moving together, ‘then success takes care of itself.’”

Logan Lewkow, Associate Director

“The success of team members within Moore and the company as a whole is demonstrated by its impeccable leadership and its consistent investment in team building and professional development opportunities. Our staff was brought together and exposed to a wide array of topics that ultimately brought everyone together in a way that will make 2018 Moore’s most successful year.”

Elliot Bath, Senior Account Executive

“There is no better team building experience than being face-to-face with your colleagues learning and enjoying new experiences. Since we usually have to rely on phone calls or video conferences, I believe it was so beneficial to see and engage with our entire team. These connections well certainly help me moving forward.”

Stephania Conti, Senior Account Executive

“Our all-team engagement sessions were inspiring! Not only was this a space for me to think creatively about ways to improve my own skills, but it was also a time to connect with other team members and learn the ways that they collaborate best. I loved that I was able to walk away with professional development tips AND a new perspective on my coworkers.”

Mary-Frances Foster, Account Coordinator

As we look to 2018, we are excited for new opportunities, growth, and success while remaining grounded in the corporate culture and maxims that inspires teamwork, collaboration and a sense of family here at Moore.