2018 Florida Legislative Session: The Other Wrap Up

Photo of Fern Senra-James

Fern Senra-James

Managing Director

Like a person, each legislative session has its own personality. Florida’s 2018 Legislative Session was no exception. From an all-time high use of social media to issues like gun control unexpectedly overshadowing planned priorities and changing the overall conversation, this session even dragged the personal lives of legislators into the spotlight. The takeaway reminder: Always expect the unexpected.

In Moore’s Other Session Wrap Up, we like to recap some of the major points that dominated the dialogue after the hanky dropped. We also like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the less known (yet equally eye opening) facts that made session unique.

We hope you enjoy this brief trip down memory lane and take away some interesting tidbits to share around the water cooler or at your next cocktail party. Next session will be here before we know it, and with it all its surprises – a new “friend” with a personality we have yet to even imagine.




Total bills filed and the number that actually passed both chambers. (Does not include Appropriations projects)