The Power of Social Audiences

With 2 billion active monthly Facebook users and 800 million active Instagram users, there are endless opportunities to tap into Facebook’s rich targeting capabilities and build custom audiences that perfectly align with your brand.

Amelia Denson

No targeting nuance is too small with Facebook’s deep data capabilities. Outdoor-lover or a cilantro-hater? They’ve got you.

All the targeting capabilities

When it comes to targeting your website’s visitors – there’s multiple methods you can utilize. You can target consumers who have taken a specific action, such as when someone abandons their cart or if they haven’t completed their checkout process. This will allow you to convert consumers who are interested but haven’t yet taken an action.

One other targeting opportunity is to go deeper into your email database as a lead generation machine. For example – did you have a recent event? Target those consumers with follow-up engagement and conversion opportunities through an email upload in Facebook’s custom audiences. Tip: Continuously update these lists and avoid letting them go stale.

Explore targeting your engaged audiences on Facebook and Instagram. These are consumers who have shown an interest in your brand – such as watching a video or filling out a form – and are ripe to convert.

Lastly, build Lookalike Audiences to find like-minded consumers who are more likely to take action with your ads. Tip: Try sticking to 1-2% on the Lookalike Audience sliding scale as this is an audience that closely matches those of the original list.

With audience targeting – you’re able to push the paid dollars further, increase the ROI of your campaign, build a richer and long-lasting relationship with your target audience and ultimately – create more relevant content.

Meet your audience

Once you have your custom audiences outlined – now it’s time to tailor your messaging so it’s relevant to that specific consumer. This is where you identify where they’re at in the funnel, or what we call Looking Living Buying at Moore. Use the Custom Audience tool in Facebook Business Manager to set up these individual audiences.

Tools on tools on tools

With advertising on Facebook and Instagram there are a handful of smart tools to help set your campaign up for success:

  • Facebook pixel: A code that allows you to track actions taken on your website.
  • Event tags: A code that fires when a specific action takes place, such as when someone submits their email address.
  • Facebook Business Manager: A free tool that serves as a business portal on Facebook. This is where you can manage multiple campaigns, ad accounts and Facebook pages.
  • Audience Dashboard: A tool under Facebook Business Manager that allows you to manage your different audiences, such as email marketing audiences.

While my time in Denver was short, my takeaways and learnings continue to build. If you’re interested in learning how you can incorporate custom audiences and Facebook and Instagram’s rich targeting capabilities into your business, drop us a note.