Three Ways a Wellness Program Can Make Your Workplace Healthier, Happier

Mom was right: You should eat breakfast, you need to get enough sleep, and veggies are important. And while it’s not a business’ job to play Mom, there are multiple benefits to making wellness a part of your corporate culture.

Photo of Shannon Colavecchio

Shannon Colavecchio

Associate Managing Director

We’ve seen the benefits firsthand at Moore, where our Wellness Program has – since inception 8 years ago – become an integral part of who we are and how we live.

Here are three ways that a wellness program can benefit your business:

  1. Higher employee retention: Moore’s employee retention rate of more than 90 percent is a major pride point, because traditionally public relations, advertising and marketing are known as high turnover industries. And we hear all the time from employees that they stay here because they know that Moore truly cares about them – not just as employees, but as people. The wellness program is a significant part of that “care” factor.
  2. Better employee productivity: By giving employees health resources and encouraging healthy habits in the workplace, you can help them avoid the many ailments that are linked to nutrition and lifestyle choices (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, to name a few). Employees with better health are more energetic and less prone to calling in sick. Consider: Moore’s employee roster has grown by 58 percent since 2008 when I started our in-house wellness program began, yet sick hours per employee has dropped from 11.5 annually in 2008 to 4.5 per employee in 2017 – a reduction of 60 percent.
  3. A stronger talent magnet: When you have a great place to work, word gets around. Moore has received several awards and accolades in the past eight years, and the wellness program has played a significant role in each win. In 2016, we received the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award (sponsored by the American Psychological Association). For eight years running, Moore has been named a Florida Trend Magazine Best Places to Work. And the Centers for Disease Control recently featured Moore among its case studies of companies that are doing in-house wellness right.

If you’re attending the Future of Florida Forum, September 26 and 27, make sure to sign-up for our Rise and Thrive 30 minute workout.

Want to learn more about how we execute our wellness program, and how we can do the same for your organization? Drop us a note.