Tips to Maximize E-commerce Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday season provides great opportunities for businesses, especially e-commerce, to gain new customers and make special touch points to returning ones.

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D'Arcy Toffolo

Executive Managing Director

E-commerce spending continues to rise; from 2016 to 2017 it experienced a 15% increase with Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday accounting for most of the growth. Most businesses that rely on holiday sales to meet their annual goals already have a marketing plan and creative in place to reach their customers. If you need a quick checklist to make sure you’ve included the important marketing strategies for acquiring new customers and bringing back the loyal ones, check out five tips from the Moore team.

  1. Email: Make sure you’re taking advantage of every touch point with your customers — even those transactional emails that provide receipts, shipping updates and upcoming sale reminders. Make each one count. Take the time to craft your emails to evoke joy and laughter with your customers. While they may be buying a product or service, they will keep coming back for the brand experience. (Ayla)
  2. Early bird gets the worm: More than half of holiday shoppers said they started researching potential holiday purchases in October or even earlier. To ensure your brand and product stay top of mind with consumers who are in the “looking” phase of the journey, consider sequential advertising so you can get those holiday (sale) jingles. (Amelia)
  3. Know your audience: If your audience is typically men ages 18-34, your audience around the holidays is people shopping for men ages 18-34. Make things easy for them by creating gift guides and having your social presence available to answer questions. (Brady)
  4. Shipping deadline: If you are selling physical goods/products, make sure to notify customers of the latest they can order and still safely receive their order on time for the holidays. Not only does it help avoid potential negative consumer experiences, it also provides a sense of urgency for purchase and can be used as a promotional opportunity. (Wes)
  5. Simplify Selections: Curate items most likely to be sold during this time into easy to find and organized categories. Shoppers are frantically searching sites at a fast pace so that they can sort through the vast number of ads and information being directed towards them. Capitalize on the short time they’re on your website by making items likely to be purchased quick and easy to find. (Ashley)

E-commerce makes it easier for consumers to buy big-ticket items online. These days, nearly 1 in 4 people buy electronics, jewelry and appliances online; purchases like these have the potential to bring in large profits for you and your brand. It’s also important to note that 24% of ecommerce purchases in Q4 2017 were made from a mobile device with Amazon, Wal-Mart and eBay leading the charge. Focusing on e-commerce during the holiday season is a great way to increase profits and reach customers in meaningful ways.