Using Data to Find Your "Tim" and Deliver Powerful Marketing Results

Meet Tim.

You might look at Tim and think you know him, but behind that tough exterior is a complex guy. When he’s not riding his hog, he enjoys “Antiques Roadshow” and fine china. He’s got time and money to spend, but before you market to Tim, you should learn more about him. He doesn’t like being labeled.

Tim recently made his debut as a print ad in the Florida Trend magazine. He serves a reminder that knowing your audience requires more than a cursory glance. Data drives real understanding, which is why we at Moore are continually developing marketing tools to help you uncover and reach your target audiences.

There’s so much data available to marketers now that choosing the right partner is crucial. A plethora of information can lead to “analysis paralysis,” but a knowledgeable partner can help you identify the data most important to your organization and use it to make informed, real-time decisions that boost your bottom line.

Research is the starting point of our approach at Moore. When we meet with a new client, we do an audit of all the information available to us from sources including customer databases, website analytics, social media conversations and more.

These metrics tell us what questions we should ask to drill down even further to your target audiences and to identify the messages that will most resonate with them.

We’ve made a significant commitment to purchasing data-driven tools that we can put to work for our clients. We’re constantly evaluating these tools and purchasing new ones. With these tools we can:

  • Monitor social conversations and empower clients to act in real-time when customers are looking for a product, giving feedback or talking about a competitor.
  • Customize website experiences for individual target audiences.
  • Build reports to monitor what’s resonating with your audiences and what’s not so that we can quickly change direction when needed.
  • Use data to show our clients the impact of their investment with Moore.

If you can’t tell, I’m a data geek, a nerdy mathematician trapped in the body of a creative marketer, but that’s the type of professional you want on your side.

Today, it’s not enough to be creative. At Moore, we marry data and creativity for optimal results that will help you get to know your audience. Your Tim. He’s a likeable guy, and could be your company’s biggest fan.