We Love Our Moms

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked our team to share a few of their favorite campaigns that honor the wonderful women we call mom.

P&G: 2018 Olympics Commercial (Ashley Brafford)

This one will give you chills, and likely tears. The compassion, resilience, love and competitive spirit this ad exhibits is stunning.

Kristen Bell’s Momsplanning series on EllenTube (Ayla Anderson)

We all love Kristen Bell, don’t we? And her partnership with Ellen Degeneres’ EllenTube as an outlet for her hilariously honest take on all things motherhood is perfect.

JetBlue’s FlyBabies (Jamie Fortune)

Moms who board flights with babies (and young kids) are among the bravest people ever. We've all seen passengers give them such dirty looks. It must be so intimidating and add to an already stressful situation. JetBlue’s ad about flying babies is a great way to address a challenging situation.

ExtraSpace Storage: #makeroomforlife (Meredith Westminster)

This incredibly relatable, sappy and funny ad by ExtraSpace Storage includes a great diversity of characters – older moms, young moms, moms of twins, dads, different ethnicities. This one is powerful and is more than just a commercial.

Yoplait Yogurt: 1-800-Mom-Tips (Liz Shawen)

Don’t you love when people, especially randoms, have parenting tips for you? Yoplait launched a bold campaign that included a hotline for people to call and leave their parenting tips. And they really opened a hotline and customer services agents to answer it! Brilliant.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, moms, madres, and mamas out there. We appreciate all you do for us!