What Do Snoop Dogg + Martha Stewart Have in Common? The Unlikely Power Couple

I recently had the opportunity to escape the Florida heat and visit our Mile High City office for Denver Startup Week, the largest free entrepreneurial event in North America.

Amelia Denson

My charge was simple: move fast and learn things.

One of my favorite sessions from Denver Start Up Week focused on the unlikely couple of organic and paid media from the folks over at SendGrid (hey guys!). Similar to the dynamic duo that is Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, organic and paid media are the ultimate and unlikely power couple of the marketing industry.

Here are the 5 key insights for you to ponder as you leverage paid and organic content:

  1. Define your goals. Do you want more leads or brand awareness? Before launching any campaign or initiative, establish clear and actionable goals and objectives.
  2. Write like a human, really. This may sound silly, but too often brands write from a business perspective. To get those clicks and likes up – try writing like you’re at happy hour and not in the board room.
  3. Creativity is key. When it comes to paid advertising, think of your ads as a first date. Impress your target audience and you may just get a second date. Don’t be afraid to show some personality. Never lose focus of quality content.
  4. Consider intent-based targeting. Complement your organic content with paid to get target audiences through the funnel, or what we like to call Living Looking Buying at Moore.
  5. Monitor and optimize. Lean on tools, creative heat maps and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic to ensure your ads are performing how you want them to from valid traffic. Build in enough time to run through tests with isolated variables.

If you’re interested in learning how you can incorporate the unlikely power couple of organic and paid social media into your business, we’d love to get in touch. We can help you move fast and build things.