The Why

In 2013, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Susan G. Komen looked to Moore to build and implement an advocacy strategy. The goal? Bring together patient and physician groups to shed light on the disparity experienced by many cancer patients throughout Florida.


  • Coalition Building
  • Media Relations
  • Grassroots Mobilization

The How

Under policies at the time, the way a chemotherapy drug was administered determined how insurance companies would pay for the treatment. If a patient’s doctor deemed oral chemotherapy options more effective and targeted, they were forced to pay out-of-pocket costs that were astronomically higher than the price of intravenous treatments.

With national and statewide health organizations wanting to update this policy, Moore formed a powerful Florida coalition with a united brand and consistent voice to drive media relations and conversations with elected officials.

Moore rallied more than 20 partner organizations to serve as the Alliance for Access to Cancer Care, all with the goal of increasing access to life-saving orally administered cancer treatments for Florida's cancer patients.

Moore trained these patient advocates to effectively share their compelling stories in legislative hearings and media interviews in markets throughout the state.

The Results

Through our work in mobilizing the Alliance for Access to Cancer Care and in partnership with lobbying efforts, proposed legislation to update this policy achieved the support of all state senators and nearly 100 state representatives.

The bill requiring equal payment of treatment was signed into law that same year.