The Why


When Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission released Amendment 10, which would impact the protection and safety of Floridians, initial polling showed that only 25% of Florida voters supported this ballot initiative. ​Supporting Amendment 10, the Florida Sheriffs Association engaged Moore to develop an integrated campaign to educate Florida voters about this important ballot initiative and help secure its passage.


To effectively build awareness and support for Amendment 10, Moore developed a campaign and consistent message that would appeal to Florida's diverse audience segments.

Moore created a branded “Protection Amendment” coalition and campaign, which included grasstops engagement, targeted digital and traditional advertising, website development and production of ADDY award-winning videos. Digital and advertising strategy – ensuring the right messaging and creative delivery on the right channels in the right markets – played a critical role in reaching Florida voters and engaging their support. Digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat complemented with traditional advertising through radio, voter texting and direct mail.

The Results

Moore helped support passage of Amendment 10 with 63.15% of the vote.  ​

  • Recruited 200 grasstops champions
  • Secured 153+ million impressions through digital and traditional advertising campaigns
    • 125 million impressions from digital advertising ​
    • 20 million impressions through radio advertising
    • 5.3 million direct mail pieces ​
    • 3 million text messages
  • 377,000 video views through targeted digital advertising