The Why

With the highest rate of new chlamydia infections in the state of Florida, and a high concentration of college students, there was a need for an awareness campaign surrounding sexually transmitted diseases in Tallahassee. Care Point Health & Wellness Center turned to Moore to help develop the campaign, with the ultimate goal of increasing STD testing among this population following Spring Break.


  • Advertising
  • Landing page design and development
  • Content and creative development
  • Video production
  • Measurement and reporting

The How

We knew that in order to reach this mobile-first audience, we needed to grab college students' attention in seconds and in a space where they spend most of their time online – on social media news feeds. By leaning on thumb-stopping stop motion creative, we utilized advertising to cut through the news feed algorithm and reach larger audiences with a media buy across Google, Instagram and Snapchat. Understanding this audiences’ online habits and the growing trend of reducing their time on Facebook, we intentionally avoided this social media giant and leaned on other platforms and communities where they spend their most time online.

Results Snapshot

  • 2 M Impressions
  • 19.2K Clicks
  • $0.36 Per Click

The Results

As soon as we launched the campaign and turned on advertising, Care Point’s phones were ringing off the hook with college students scheduling appointments. With more than 2 million impressions and 19,200 clicks / swipe ups among our target audience of college students ages 18 – 26, we saw an increase in site traffic and STD testing appointments. The STD landing page received 75% of all the site page-views during the campaign. Due to the effectiveness of the engaging creative, we saw an efficient $0.36 per click / swipe up. The strong call to action with fun and informative campaign creative helped Care Point reach this underserved target audience with appointments scheduled months out due to demand.