The Why

The City of West Palm Beach hired Moore to gain exposure and engagement with the City’s family-friendly events. Part of the project scope included promoting the City’s “Holiday in Paradise” theme, including “Sandi,” the world’s only 35-foot-tall, 700-ton holiday sand tree–who has celebrity status and a sassy personality to match!


  • Public Relations
  • Advertising (TV/Radio)
  • Newspapers (print and digital versions)
  • Organic Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

The How

Annually, Moore maps a strategy to ensure Sandi’s story gains local, regional and national recognition. Moore crafts a media hook that is teased out to the media for a month before Sandi goes up–generating a steady drum beat of coverage and buzz.

The Results

In one month in 2019, Moore secured the following earned media results:

  • More than 388 TV mentions and feature stories, spanning 58 unique outlets
  • Elevated audience reach at the regional, national and international levels, including on, Yahoo New Zealand, Travel and Leisure, syndication on The List and La Vanguardia (a Spanish newspaper based in Spain)
  • Audience reach of 86.7 million people (up from 7 million impressions in 2018)
  • Year-over-year, for the same time frame, this was an increase of more than 25 percent in media coverage