The Why

Moore teamed up with the Florida Dental Association to debunk the fear of going to the dentist in a fun and approachable way.

Man and wife posing for an 80's holiday card.
Man and wife posing for an 80's holiday card.


  • Advertising: Facebook and Programmatic Display
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Research
  • Brand Awareness
  • Public Relations Strategy

The How

Moore ran three consumer-focused digital advertising campaigns with the goal of driving people to search for a dentist and raise brand awareness for the Florida Dental Association. The campaign ran during Halloween season. With that in mind, along with audience insights it led to a spooky ad series that showcases meme-like images to show people that they have nothing to fear when going to the dentist.


Nearly 3,500 people searched for a dentist near them directly from this ad campaign— that’s a 40% conversion rate. Additional campaign results include over 1.7 million impressions and 7,000 visits to the find a dentist landing page.