The Why

Denver is experiencing significant population growth: 25 thousand homes were built in 2018 and 7.8 billion dollars were spent on construction projects in 2017. Denver needs skilled workers now and in the future. Moore teamed up with the Community College of Denver to help reach and recruit prospective students for their new construction certificates: Building Crafts.


  • Online display
  • Facebook lead ads
  • Snapchat advertising
  • Paid search (PPC)
  • OOH advertising
  • Hispanic broadcast TV and radio
  • Email marketing
  • Video production

The How

Moore ran a consumer-focused marketing plan that reached people where they were living, looking and enrolling through tactics that generate awareness, interest and action.

Digital advertising played a key role in the campaign with the goal of generating 500 leads: people interested in enrolling in the Community College of Denver’s new building crafts program.


Leads generated exceeded the goal by 80% at 900. Additional results include 9.2 million impressions and 201,355 video completions. Initial enrollment numbers are exceeding goal benchmarks as well.