The Why

In 2014, Florida Prepaid College Plans sought increases in new plan sales after years of declining numbers. The challenge? Inform Florida families and the media of significant improvements they had made to their tuition plans.


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Partnership Development
  • Strategic Planning

The How

Market and brand research revealed that Florida Prepaid’s brand had suffered amid years of increasing plan prices that had become too unaffordable—and too rigid to meet families’ changing needs. When tuition controls put in place in 2014 enabled Florida Prepaid to bring prices down to historic lows—even while offering a unique new plan—Moore seized the opportunity to debunk misconceptions. We used earned media, paid partnerships and blogger influencers to connect with families and educators across multiple platforms.

Two initiatives were especially helpful in raising brand awareness and driving plan sales.

Florida Prepaid Partner Film

Strategic Partnerships

When Moore came on board, Florida Prepaid had just one partnership it leveraged to reach families. We have, since 2014, established more than two dozen partnerships with organizations that reach families and their children where they live, work and play. From youth sports to pregnancy expos, the Florida Prepaid story is now being told far and wide.

Bloggers as Brand Influencers

Moore built a network of more than 60 bloggers who use their platforms to help tell the Florida Prepaid story through blog posts, social shares and bilingual Twitter chats generating millions of timeline impressions. These efforts have driven more than 10,000 Prepaid Plan sales in just the past two years.

The Results

During the course of our relationship with Florida Prepaid, plan sales have increased over 130% to more than 30,000 a year, with influencers helping drive 15% of total plan sales. We have also established successful partnerships with powerful brands and organizations such as Scholastic, Miami HEAT, Orange Bowl, the Florida Department of Health, and the Florida Department of Education.