The Why

For more than six years, Moore has been the proud partner of the Florida Prepaid College Board for public relations, strategic partnerships, events, influencers and event engagement. Together, we have achieved earned media success representing thousands of plan sales, millions in advertising value and billions of impressions.

When the pandemic hit Florida in 2020, Florida Prepaid was on the heels of announcing a $1.3 billion plan price reduction, impacting 224,000 customers and resulting in more than 200 media hits. COVID-19’s impact on the economy and the livelihoods of Floridians triggered Florida Prepaid to identify a solution to ease the immediate financial burden for families wanting to invest in their children’s futures. Moore led the public relations strategy for extending Open Enrollment by four weeks and deferring all plan payments for current customers until July to ensure the announcement effectively reached customers and the general public statewide. This was all in an effort to give families the flexibility they needed during that time to make a college savings decision.


  • Media Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Partnership Engagement
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Strategy and Counsel

The How

In a marketplace crowded with COVID-19 messages and short-term concerns, Florida Prepaid was challenged to convince families to think about the long-term future of their children’s college education. Moore helped drive new strategies to reach parents through new messaging, toolkits for partners, video storytelling from brand ambassadors and creative touchpoints with the media.

For the 2021 Open Enrollment period, Moore focused on connecting with new parents, non-saving families, multicultural communities and millennial parents. While many families were still feeling the impact of COVID-19, marketing efforts emphasized the security, affordability and flexibility of college saving through Florida Prepaid.

Moore developed a new public relations, partnerships and brand ambassador approach for this year’s Open Enrollment campaign, which consisted of the following tactics and enhancements:

  • Developed a robust, turnkey Open Enrollment toolkit for partners, recognizing that most organizations and schools were experiencing additional difficulties related to COVID-19
  • Activated a network of influencers around the state of Florida to produce inspiring video content about their college savings journey
  • Leveraged survey data to pitch the media on college savings attitudes in Florida
  • Launched a radio media tour and radio news release statewide to reach parents with the college savings message
  • Developed an op-ed picked up in Palm Beach, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville highlighting the success of the Florida Prepaid program
  • Placed an emphasis on webinars during Open Enrollment and leveraged all channels to drive more than 1,500 registrants total
  • Engaged Superintendent partners to promote Open Enrollment to parents through text, email and social campaigns
  • Partnered with LEGOLAND® Florida to promote the importance of college savings and offered BOGO tickets to all who enrolled in a Florida Prepaid Plan this year

The Results

During the three-month Open Enrollment campaign, Moore achieved the following results on earned media channels:

  • More than 240 media hits statewide
  • Estimated media relations reach of 32.5 million
  • Approximately $360,000 in ad value for all media hits
  • Secured 10 interviews in the month of April alone
  • Radio new release aired 194 times, resulting in 4 million impressions
  • Secured 30 strategic partnerships and engaged parents through email and text campaigns
  • Built a influencer campaign that resulted in more than 3,600 plan sales
  • More than 576,000 engagements from 150 influencer posts
  • Overall, plan sales attributed to earned media increased by 98% from 2020