The Why


Several Florida cities began considering bans on the sale of sunscreens containing two of the most effective UV-blocking ingredients, based on a flawed set of biased research studies. To bring awareness to the concerns with these proposals, Johnson & Johnson engaged Moore to develop a campaign to educate key decision makers and the public about the safety and importance of high SPF sunscreens.


The Moore team worked with Johnson & Johnson to conduct extensive research to understand all aspects of the issue for this campaign. Armed with these insights, Moore developed the Sun Safe Florida coalition to engage grassroots & grasstops supporters and give a voice to those most affected by potential bans on effective UV-blocking ingredients in high SPF sunscreens. This campaign leveraged digital strategy, advertising, media relations and public testimony to educate target audiences about the importance and safety of high SPF sunscreens and support consumers’ rights to make their own informed choices in purchasing the best sunscreens to protect themselves and their families.

The Results

Moore secured 100% success rate in stopping sunscreen proposed bans in Miami and Surfside and supporting statewide legislation to stop Florida cities from banning certain sunscreens.

  • Recruited 40 brand ambassadors, including patients, physicians, scientists, health organizations, chambers and industry thought leaders.
  • Facilitated 140 emails from Coalition members to Miami Beach and Surfside commissioners. ​
  • Engaged 12+ high-impact testimonials by ambassadors at the commission meetings that turned the opinion tide by providing skin cancer stories and data​.
  • Secured nearly 2 million media impressions via op-eds published in targeted outlets.
  • Garnered 4.3+ million impressions, 9,300 clicks and nearly 400,000 video views through a two-month targeted digital advertising campaign.