The Why

In 2014, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) looked to Moore to lead a strategic media relations effort and develop a statement for support. The goal? Increase recognition, generate excitement and instill a sense of urgency to establish the crucial need to support the institute.


  • Brand Development
  • Case Statement Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Donor Relations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Message Development

The How

Knowing that basic brain research provides the most important source of information on solving diseases of the brain, we uncovered a major gap in understanding—the community understood neither the work that was being done at MPFI nor the impacts their research had on society.

Fortunately, Moore has a track record of helping to translate hard to understand messages in a way that resonates with the hearts and minds of target audiences.

raising brand awareness

Several initiatives were especially helpful in raising brand awareness and cultivating meaningful engagement. In collaboration with MPFI, Moore developed a Case Statement and video that clearly outlined the need for support for the research being done at the institute. Key messages were also developed so they could be brought forward in every interaction with MPFI’s target audiences—including donors, influencers and the community at large.

Through further brand research and development, Moore worked with MPFI to launch the Brain Trust brand, which included the development of a logo, key messaging and collateral materials to recruit the distinct group of supporters who understand the complexities of brain disease and the urgent need to give.

Finally, as an overarching strategy Moore launched a media relations effort to connect with the South Florida community and bring attention to MPFI’s outstanding neuroscience leadership, programs, and events.

The Results

Our work with MFPI has created significant community interest and support. For example, through effective storytelling, the Institute continues to grow its Science Meets Music audience—with its largest attendance in January 2018, when Nobel Laureate Dr. Stefan Hell addressed the crowd. The free event pairs a world-renowned scientist with a talented musician, providing a public platform to showcase MPFI’s groundbreaking work—and why it is important.

Our media relations effort alone secured more than 16 million impressions and nearly $100,000 in value in 2017. MPFI now speaks with a consistent voice to drive audiences to learn more about their work—and take action.