The Why

In 2017, Colorado’s NextFifty Initiative (NFI) sought to improve community services for the elderly population and caregivers by partnering with innovators. Our mission? First, launch the brand—then educate the community that NFI was ready to vet and fund initiatives that had the power to transform aging as we know it.


  • Branding and Message Development
  • Influencer Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Website Design and Launch

The How

After a competitive analysis, Moore launched a website designed to clearly differentiate NFI from other funding organizations in a way that attracted innovative and motivated applicants.

Aging Isn't Scary

Once the brand was launched, Moore partnered with the Governor of Colorado to announce the opening of NFI’s inaugural funding cycle at a Halloween inspired “Aging Isn’t Scary” event held at the Governor’s mansion.

At this event, NFI engaged community leaders who were capable of addressing Colorado’s aging challenges and opportunities. Key media coverage carried the message forward to the community, elevating NFI’s commitment to solving aging challenges throughout the state.

NextFifty Launch Event

The Results

Because of strong community and media engagement, NFI received a significant and diverse set of applicants for its first grant-funding cycle, which closed in December, 2017. NFI is now ready and able to make a difference in Colorado.