Abby Davis Director of Client Development

When everyone in the office took a fun online quiz about business personalities, Abby’s result was “Future Boss.” We think that’s fitting. Abby’s supervisors recognized her superstar potential early on.

Photo of Abby Davis

A Tallahassee native who attended the University of Florida, Abby is knowledgeable beyond her years. She is smart, asks all the right questions and exudes confidence. She excels in understanding audiences and in developing strategic partnerships and alliances. In three years with Moore, she has already achieved big results for clients such as the Florida Prepaid College Board.

Abby played a key role in driving sales growth and in developing an influencer strategy by cultivating relationships with mom bloggers. The number of bloggers writing about Florida Prepaid grew from seven to 45 within three years, and in 2016, bloggers generated 12 percent of total sales.

She is always seeking a challenge and new adventure which led to her pursuit to lead the business development team. Some may say her job involves sales and others may say strategic planning. Abby would say her job is to hustle! She builds strategies, analyzes market segments, and creates opportunities for Moore to make an impact. Abby’s insights from her time on the account servicing team help her thrive in her role prescribing the right marketing solutions for prospective clients.

Abby takes her work seriously, but she is also something of a free spirit. She and her husband, Casey eloped in January 2017 and were married atop a mountain in Beaver Creek, Colorado. After honeymooning in Thailand, who knows where she will adventure to next!