AJ Goodrum Graphic Designer

Cool, calm, and creative, AJ is an award-winning artist that has a passion for color balance, typography, and design. As a part of the creative team at Moore, AJ has made his mark with beautiful award-winning creative creative for numerous clients including The Tallahassee Ballet, Tallahassee Community College Foundation and Florida State University. He has continued to hone his design skills, while developing expertise in collaboration, client relations and project management.

Photo of Allen Goodrum

AJ’s experience in graphic design includes interning for the Tallahassee Democrat as a graphic designer for their marketing department and working for the Florida Department of Education as the graphic design specialist. It only took a few weeks for Moore to recognize his talent and welcome him as a full-time graphic designer. With his expertise in design, he helps build and maintain exceptional brand identity.

As an artist, AJ finds inspiration in nature, photography, color and typography. He believes when you’re an artist, growth is inevitable and how you conceptualize design should always have a touch of your individual signature aesthetic. Always leave a little bit of who you are when creating effective brands.