AJ Goodrum Associate Director of Multimedia Design

Cool, calm, and creative, AJ is an award-winning artist that has a passion for color balance, typography, and brand storytelling. As a part of the creative team at Moore, AJ has made his mark with beautiful award-winning creative for numerous clients including The Tallahassee Ballet, Tallahassee Community College Foundation and Florida State University. He helps lead in the creative strategy and build-out of traditional branded content, animated content, and UI/UX design.

Photo of Allen Goodrum

AJ’s industry experience includes working for the Tallahassee Democrat as a graphic designer for their marketing department and working for the Florida Department of Education as the graphic design specialist. With his expertise in design, he helps create award-winning campaigns and maintain exceptional brand quality across all media.

As a creative, AJ finds inspiration in nature, photography, color and typography. He believes when you’re a designer, growth is inevitable and how you conceptualize design should always have a touch of your individual signature aesthetic. Always leave a little bit of who you are in whatever you touch.