Darren Allen UXC Managing Director of UX

Darren interjects humor into everything, but he’s quite serious about designing digital experiences that delight clients and their audiences.

Photo of Darren Allen

As a usability expert, he values research and works to truly understand how specific audiences interact with digital media. He has more than 15 years of digital design experience and is one of only 2,750 people in the world to earn UX Certification from the Nielsen Norman Group.

With his knowledge, Moore is a leader in user testing, which allows clients to have confidence in their digital products.

“We ensure that sites are easy to use for people coming into them from a variety of perspectives,” he says, “and we add elements that surprise, delight and exceed expectations in both ease of use and in engagement.”

Darren has worked on integrated campaigns for Moore clients including Ford, PhRMA and Georgia-Pacific. His work with CareerSource Florida provides an example of his commitment to clients and their audiences. While developing the client’s website, he spent hours talking with jobseekers, including a mother who had recently been laid off, to understand their needs and how best to meet them. As a result, the website has contributed to a better experience for users and an increase in leads from job seekers and businesses for CareerSource Florida.

Before joining Moore, Darren was president of White Dog Design Group, where he was known for elegant, intuitive design with a thoughtful approach. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Media Production.

Away from the office, Darren likes to play music with his son, who is learning to play the drums, while Darren relearns the guitar. He also serves on the board of the Hang Tough Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the families of children who have a serious illness.