David Soto Associate Director

David’s career has taken him to film sets, DJ booths, restaurant openings and fashion shows. With his unique background and expertise in data analysis, he builds dynamic digital ad campaigns that move audiences to action.

Photo of David Soto

MCG’s clients benefit from David’s skill in creating the highest advertising impact on a variety of platforms including social media, native, video and paid search. He loves exploring the latest trends and tools and achieving measurable results.

“I really enjoy watching the data come through and crunching the numbers,” he says. “We can see the results in real time and make decisions based on that to really be good stewards of our clients’ dollars.”

David, who is certified in Google Analytics and AdWords, helps clients understand how their audiences think and behave, resulting in lasting connections between people and brands and causes. He specializes in identifying the most powerful platforms, messages and strategies for accomplishing business goals.

He has achieved success of behalf of clients including the Florida Dental Association, Florida Ports Council and CareerSource Florida. His work on a digital campaign focusing on legislative action for the Florida Dental Association received a 2016 Charlie Award from the Florida Magazine Association.

A graduate of the Vancouver Film School, David started his career as an assistant director and freelance photographer. He also worked as a DJ for seven years. He discovered his passion for digital marketing as an early adopter of social platforms. His first clients were local restaurateurs, musicians and comedians. David parlayed that experience into a career.

Before joining MCG, he worked as an independent marketing consultant, director of marketing for a fashion company and with agencies. His work included collaborations in fashion, hospitality, health care and education. While working with the Ashi Dashi sock company, for example, he increased Cyber Monday sales by 15 percent through paid social advertising.

David spends his time away from the office with his wife and two daughters. On the weekends, you’re likely to the family visiting one of Denver’s museums, the library or the zoo.