Emily Read APR Senior Director

When you’ve got a large, national or statewide project that demands a clear strategy and an unwavering commitment to achieving success, you want Emily leading the charge. With her unparalleled project management, strong communication skills, and gift for making what appears overwhelming achievable, Emily lends clarity and order to the most daunting projects.

Photo of Emily Read

With 15 years of experience, Emily’s skills are maximized as the strategic team lead for some of MCG’s largest clients, including ABLE United and CareerSource Florida. Her work with ABLE United, which gives Floridians with disabilities a tax-free way to save money, has engaged nearly 300 advocacy groups, secured millions of media impressions and resulted in more than 1,000 people opening savings accounts in program’s first year. She cut her teeth on national projects such as leading a six-person team in the development of I’m In, a campaign to raise awareness about the need for diversity in clinical trials, which achieved more than 125 million multi-media impressions.

While her steady hand contributes to a culture of teamwork and creates powerful results for clients, don’t think you’ve got her figured out. She’s a rocker chick at heart.

“I come off a certain way so when people hear about my knowledge of old school hip-hop or alternative rock, they don’t get it,” she says with a laugh.

Before joining MCG, Emily directed communications activities for the American Heart Association in a five-market area. She received her undergraduate degree in communications and graduate degree in integrated marketing and management communications from Florida State University.