Liz Kehr Account Coordinator

Liz joined Moore right out of college and quickly demonstrated her talent and potential. She brings a fresh perspective to every client.

Photo of Liz Kehr

A problem-solver, Liz approaches each project as an opportunity to create something bold and unique. She often works with the Moore Advocacy Team and plays an important role in telling Moore’s own story through innovative marketing strategies.

“I never do the same thing twice, never create the same kind of content,” she said. “I love that there is always a new project or a new approach to the work that we do.”

In 2016, Liz worked with CEO and founder Karen B. Moore on the launch of her book, “Behind the Red Door: Unlock Your Advocacy Influence and Success.” The release date kicked off a year in which Karen traveled to more than 30 cities, spoke to 30,000 people at more than 75 events and autographed 5,000 books. Liz provided support and coordination for those activities and assisted with media relations. She continues to collaborate with Karen on speaking engagements, content creation and social media.

A native of Port Orange, Florida, Liz has a degree in interdisciplinary studies (political science, communications and sociology) from Florida State University. She describes herself as a “conscious millennial with an old soul” and looks forward to bringing her energy and enthusiasm to Moore's clients for years to come.

“I think I will stay here and continue to grow and create strategy with some of the most brilliant individuals in the industry,” she said. “I love our agency, why would I ever leave?”