Nanette Schimpf APR, CPRC Vice President

With nearly three decades of experience in integrated communications, Nanette harnesses her boundless energy to generate big wins for her clients and for Moore.

Photo of Nanette Schimpf

As vice president, she manages a large number of projects and inspires our staff through team building and professional development. Clients count on her steady leadership and dogged pursuit of innovative solutions. Once she sets a goal, she will make it happen.

“When there is a challenge that people can’t overcome, they call me to try to solve the problem and create success,” she says. “I bring expertise, experience and connections to get the job done.”

Nanette has a degree in communications from Florida State University and a diverse skillset that includes public affairs, legislative affairs and media relations. During her nearly 20 years with Moore, she has managed award-winning campaigns for clients ranging from law enforcement to the medical industry.

Her work with the 2014 Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot coalition is an example of her tenacity and dedication. Working with the Florida Sheriffs Association, she helped lead a statewide campaign that defeated a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana. Initial polls showed overwhelming support, and opponents, who were concerned about loopholes in proposed regulations, had little time to act.

Nanette identified voters who would be receptive to the coalition’s concerns, organized an education campaign, hosted community events and speaking engagements and placed more than three dozen op-eds in publications across Florida.

“We didn’t sleep for four months,” she says, “but we swayed public opinion.”

Making a positive difference is important to Nanette, who has also worked on the Congressional level to expand seniors’ access to affordable medications through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

“We’ve changed lives by bringing these recipients to members of Congress, and they’ve been able to say, ‘Protect my prescription benefits,’ and this is why.”

Nanette’s desire to serve extends to her work with the Florida Public Relations Association and her community. A past president of the Capital City Chapter of FPRA, she enjoys mentoring communications professionals to help them succeed. She is also honored to serve as a member of the Bradfordville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department.

When she isn’t crushing goals on behalf of clients or coming to the aid of those in need, Nanette enjoys visiting the Georgia mountains with her family, which includes her husband and two children.